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Training courses for translators

On March 1-5, 2010, in Chisinau, were held training courses for translators were held: „Peculiarities of written, consecutive and simultaneous translation”. Six ATP members, assisted by other nine members, performed the trainings. 20 participants within 5 days benefited from an opportunity to learn in an applicable way about written, consecutive and simultaneous translation as well as the specifics of translator’s activity. Some participants took part in the trainings for the second time. 

Traditionally, Mrs. Eleonora Rusnac held greeting and closing speeches. She shared with participants her knowledge about consecutive translation by performing it “live”, about taking notes, editing the speaker’s message and extracting main ideas from the speaker’s statement. During the trainings, performed by Mrs. Rusnac, participants practiced in consecutive translation, “getting a taste” of this activity.

Mariana Rufa opened the door for participants to the world of simultaneous translation by simulating this type of translation and offering participants an opportunity to practice it. In addition, Mrs. Rufa gave a presentation on difficulties in translating terms that have no equivalents in Romanian. 

Elena Bivol spoke about advantages and difficulties of translator’s activities. Real life examples ensured interaction with participants, who asked numerous questions.

Natalia Conovca and Nicoleta Culava spoke about written translation. Nicoleta Culava discussed with participants about stages  in written translation, algorithm of work and interaction with clients. Natalia Conovca referred to the quality of written translation, typical mistakes, useful resources and applications. Participants shared their own experience, learnt about specifics of local market and practiced in groups and individually. 

Tatiana Fesina encouraged participants in practicing simultaneous translation, spoke about simultaneous translation, step-by-step, and called their attention to multiple “standard” forms that should be learnt in order  to handle with simultaneous translation.  

Participants had the rare opportunity to witness the simulation of consecutive and simultaneous translation performed by Eleonora Rusnac and Mariana Rufa.The trainers were assisted by special guests: the major Robert Peters, representative of OSCE mission in Moldova and  James R. Bonnell, IBTCI expert, „ Strategic Development of the Court of Accounts of Moldova ” project .

On the last day participants took part in a nice discussion with Vlad Pohilă, a writer and translator, full of memories and precious stories remembered by participants and ATP members.

The last day was full of joy, fun activities as well as instructive joy and fun activities as well as being instructive.  Traditionally, participants obtained certificates and group photographs. Every participant was also presented with  Mărţişor, a symbol of renewal and spring.

The training course was a welcome opportunity to consolidate ATP activity; both participants and organizers learnt a lot from it.

The smooth running of the course was ensured by organizers’ contribution:

    • Eleonora Rusnac provided coordination and general administration.
    • Maria Postevca ensured acquisitions, classrooms and necessary equipment availability. She was assisted by Elena Ceban, Nicoleta Culava, Veaceslav Musteaţă and Inesa Foltea.
    • Inesa Foltea was responsible for application and evaluation forms, agenda development and completion, and Gabriela Roşcăneanu ensured that certificates were prepared. 
    • Aliona Mihăilă, assisted by Veaceslav Mustaţă, developed and broadcasted ads and  promoted training courses through all available means and sources.   
    • Nadejda Pojoga communicated directly with potential participants being responsible for sending and collecting application forms, for providing detailed information and collecting payments.  
    • Svetlana Anici, Natalia Ghieş and Olesea Bodean contributed to smooth running of the courses by assisting during trainings and coffee breaks.

According to evaluation forms, the majority of participants considered the information received during the course as useful and provided presentations as provided presentations that were seen as accessible to the audience. Among the highly appreciated were practical activities and simulation of consecutive and simultaneous translations provided by ATP members and participants.

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