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ATP Moldova elected new Board of Directors

On February 5th, it was held the General Assembly of the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova was held. The Association elected a new Board of Directors.  This year the number of those present at the Assembly was more than in past years. The Assembly was a special one due to the guests present. See below for some special moments of the event.

The following subdivisions presented their reports first: the Attestation Commission, the Supervisory Board and the treasurer.   Mrs. Elisaveta Onofreiciuc, president of the Attestation Commission, provided some good advice and guidance. One of them was to make amendments to the Statute and Regulation of ATP Moldova in order to clarify the sympathizer status of ATP members. Another amendment shall stipulate expanded authority for the Attestation Commission that allows to assume an attitude with regard to membership suspention.  

As usual, Mrs. Marina Iliciova presented a very structured activity report that contained detailed information about ATP Moldova financial resources.  Regrettably, due to insufficient finance the Association could not perform more activities such as experience exchange with colleagues from abroad, membership in international organizations, etc. 

Mrs. Tamara Burcă, president of the Supervisory Board, declared that the Board of Directors managed to perform activities at very little expense: for instance, Christmas celebration. 

This year the report, presented by Mrs. Eleonora Rusnac, president of the Association, was a very special one. She provided an overview of activities performed by the Board within its mandate and revealed many findings that illustrated the essence of things in a relevant way. Due to a good dose of humor the report looked more like a newspaper article or radio program message. Thus, the report was easily perceived and attracted attention of those present at the Assembly.

The election of new members of the Board of Directors was not usual and boring. Mrs. Tamara Burcă, president of the General Assembly, challenged participants to propose their own candidacy to ATP Moldova Board. Svetlana Morarenco showed herself as the bravest among participants and proposed her candidacy to the Board. And she was elected!!! Three out of five members, newcomers, belong to the young generation of the Association translators. It is very encouraging. So we look forward to new and interesting activities. For the first time the election of the new members was done by secret ballot.

Thus, this year the General Assembly was conducted in different way. But the budget remains the same as past years and does not exceed the amount of about 10000 MDL annually. The New Board of Directors shall think about new finance resources needed for supporting new and interesting activities. 

Wishing success to new members of the Board of Directors, namely Eleonora Rusnac, Veaceslav Musteaţă, Svetlana Morarenco, Nicoleta Culava and Aliona Mihăilă-Brînză.

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