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An ATP member obtained CNAA degree/diploma

The annual competition „The best doctoral dissertation of the year” was organized for the first time in 2011 by the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation (CNAA) under Regulation and aims to stimulate, to support and to develop scientific creativity of researches; to enhance quality and efficiency of performed researches; to highlight the works that address to the most innovative and up-to-date themes of modern science. Thus, during the last year, the Attestation Commission of CNAA identified 17 doctoral dissertations and PhDs under the suggestion of experts in certain domains.  After repeated evolution performed by CNAA 12 works were named as the best. The authors were awarded with the first, second and third degree of the CNAA diploma and money prizes contributed by research and education institutions represented by the authors.

Under the competition „The best doctoral dissertation of the year” the work in the social and human sciences domain was awarded with the first grade of CNAA diploma. The author, Lidia Cazacu, the lecturer at MTU (USM), in her doctoral dissertation in philology “Compounds and metaphorical analytismus in modern Italian (tendencies and derivational processes)”,  specialty Romance languages, contributed to extending the opportunities to learn about compounds and metaphors (glottic) from the perspective of translation theory and practice.


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