The third edition of Translation school - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

The third edition of Translation school

The third edition of Translation school has been held. It is natural for the  Association of Professional Translators to make conclusions, to speak about lessons learnt and experience obtained as well as other subjects that are worth highlighting.  

About the experience: The lecturers Eleonora Rusnac and Nicoleta Culava were the most experienced in that school, taking into account that they participated in two previous editions. The other two lecturers, Natalia Conovca and Tatiana Feisina, also participated in two previous editions. Elena Bivol and  Veaceslav Musteaţă, who were involved in the third edition of school, have good experience in teaching. The school was assisted also by Elisaveta Onofreiciuc and Svetlana Chiriţa that have experience in teaching at the workshops provided by ATP Moldova before the Translation school was launched. 

During the school they had proven to be skilled in time management, to have a capacity for mobilizing participants and involving them in numerous practical exercises provided under the school. As usual, practical exercises contributed to making teaching process more interactive. The training process was sometimes very exciting due to entertaining games and participants’ contribution.  

The lessons learnt: There were many lessons learnt both by lecturers and organizers, represented by the translation bureau „Intart Design” SRL. For example, the lecturers were convinced that the training process has to be adjusted to suit the current audience: things are not perceived the same way in different audiences. They also learnt the art of matching people who work in the same group depending on their psychological characteristics. The most important lesson learnt was the necessity to ensure the course coherence, something that is hard to do.   

The organizers learnt about the necessity to get to know more about the advertising art as well as art of negotiations with potential clients for courses. The number of participants would be more numerous if more ATP Moldova members were involved in course promoting activity. 

The most positive lesson learnt by all of us was the simulation of simultaneous translation. Our partner, the director of translation bureau „Intart Design” SRL, Mr. Sergiu Conovca turned a classroom into a real conference room by installing the proper equipment. The participants had an opportunity to practice real simultaneous translation.  

Conclusions: All three involved parties, namely the participants, the lecturers and the organizers, agreed on the necessity of further development of Translation school. A lot of proposals were provided including choosing the best time period for courses, setting the appropriate duration of teaching, selecting rigorously participants for training courses provided under Translations school; how to narrow down courses by domain: economy, medicine, law, etc. It was also proposed to organize some training events for graduates of previous courses, held by ATP Moldova during previous years, in the frame of summer school, for instance. The Association of Professional Translators shall examine the proposals and implement them in its further activity.

Wishing the lecturers, the organizers and translators trained in the school to be successful at achieving the goals they set.

Eleonora Rusnac

President of ATP Moldova

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