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Association of Professional Translators of Moldova launched new website

The event was held on February 8th of the current year with the presence of the majority of the Association members. It was a very important event both for those present and other Association members. New website The new website is modern, with many pages and  offers a large number of facilities, comparing to the previous website. The graphic design has significantly improved. The website content is well structured and easily accessible. 

The new website was designed in collaboration with the IT ”Integro” company, director Alexandru Kononiuk. ATP Moldova Board of Directors (E.Rusnac, C.Umaneț, N.Conovca, G.Roșcăneanu, O. Bodean) made considerable efforts to develop the website concept and content and to compile website information. Natalia Conovca, vice president of the Association, contributed the most to the website  and bore the most responsibilty for it. We express our sincere gratitude to her for that.

About the website:

The website visitors can learn about the Association mission and vision

The web search engine provides quick identification of translators specialized specialized in a certain domain. To leave a request the client goes to the page „Home”,  inserts the  request in the field at the top right side of the site and also gets the list of translators. 

The documents list includes all documents that guide the Association in its activity.

The section Association bodies provides a brief description of each body’s reponsibilty and a list of responsible persons in the Association.    

The Association members get access by using a password to get to Instruments and Resources, useful in translation activity. 

The website includes the section  ”Frequently asked questions”, that shall always be updated, depending on visitors’ questions.  

The list of active members was significantly improved. It includes  updated and standardised CVs in accordance with international requirements. Translators, the Association members, can update their CVs, post recommendation letters and any feedback received from clients. 

One of the Association activities is the client’s „education”. The website includes a section totally dedicated to clients that benefit from translation services. The section „Clients” inludes the Guidance for Beneficiaries and  provides information about prices  applied by ATP members. 

The section ”Articles” is complemented with a subsection ”Opinions”. Translators can post here about certain situations, accidents, or injustice cases  they faced with during translation activity, both written and oral.

The new website was complemented with a new section ”Forum” that shall become a platform for translators where they can communicate about translation activity and can exchange opinions.   

The new website was also complemented with a new section ”Contacts” that provides the Association contact information. Contact us regarding the new website and other  questions in domain of translation.

Eleonora Rusnac

President of  ATP Moldova

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