Open air celebration - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Open air celebration

This year the Association of Professional Translators has celebrated Translation Day in the open air. Everyone present at the event was excited about this decision. It was an opportunity to combine celebration and leisure. Nice weather contributed to a good turnout, as usual.

At the beginning of the celebration the president of the Association, Mrs. Eleonora Rusnac, gave a short speech on the history of the International Translation Day establishment.  An overview was made of some of the most important events that were conducted within the whole period of the formation of profession. Then, translators took the opportunity to communicate with each other. Everyone wanted to tell about their own activity, unusual occurrences experienced by them during translations, etc. Can you find a better audience than your own colleagues, who understand you the most!

We always share in the celebration with dear ones.  It was nice to meet husbands (or wives) of the Association members, who turned to be good photographers (Mr. Iarinhovschi and Mr. Pruteanu)! And it was more exciting to meet our colleagues’ children, especially because in the meantime some families got new members. It was the first event for Veaceslav Musteață son, who recently turned one year old.

As usual,  children made the event more exciting.  Only they have a high energy level, plenty of reasons to be cheerful and the ability to enjoy sincerely everything and everyone. The event was held in a resort village Poiana Bradului that is located in Tohatin, a very nice place for open air activities. It was a pleasure to walk around the beautifully landscaped territory of the resort and to admire swans on the lake. The children entertained us with a poetry performance and were awarded with delicious chocolates. 

At parting, we agreed that relations with peers moved into a new phase – friendship. What can be better? 

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