International Day of Translations, celebrated by the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP Moldova) - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

International Day of Translations, celebrated by the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP Moldova)

This year, 2017, the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP Moldova) celebrated the International Translation Day in an extended format, that is, with an invitation of all active translators of the country, including the ones of the Union of Authorised Translators (ATU). The event was organized within the premises of the Ministry of Justice with the support of the Service for certified interpreters, translators and administrators, represented by Ms Ina Chetrean - Head of the Service. The special guests of the event were Vlad Pohila - distinguished linguist, writer and journalist, and Valentin Reabtov - translator and interpreter on the staff of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. The event was attended by many fellow translators and interpreters, freelancers both members of ATP Moldova and of different translation companies.

Eleonora Rusnac, President of ATP Moldova, in her opening remarks for launching the event, appreciated the fact that upon approval of the decision of the International Federation of Associations of Translators' Associations (FIT), back in 1990, under the aegis of UNESCO, the day became the International Translation Day. Twenty years ago, when the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova was founded, the society knew practically nothing about translators and interpreters. At present, Moldovan translator-professionals are part of the large international family of translators.

According to Mr Vlad Pohila, the next speaker at the event, the world would be confused if the translators and interpreters were to disappear, they having an enormous role in establishing relations between countries, peoples, cultures, religions. He made a small review of the translation activity in the country and mentioned several notorious translators in Moldova, among them Alexandru Cozmescu, Igor Cretu, Eugenia David and Pavel Starostin. Thanks to that senior generation of translators, it was possible, even in Soviet times, for the reader to get acquainted with the values of universal literature. The writer recounted his own experience on how, when a child, he read the novel "The Gadfly" by L. Voinici and how astonished he was that the personages of the novel, while Italians, spoke Romanian in the novel!

As always, he has captured the attention of the audience with various stories of his own work as an interpreter during the Soviet period, as well as with accounts of current translation work from Romanian and with facts on lives of consecrated translators. Mr Vlad Pohila, in his speech, recommended translators to also translate fiction, this being a highly satisfying experience in itself. At the end of his speech he made a number of precious recommendations for translators and interpreters.

Valentin Reabtov - the second distinguished guest of the event, had a lively speech, rich in funny and humorous stories from his work as an interpreter, which, undoubtedly, had a learning effect on the participants to the event. In his opinion, when taking part in negotiations, interpreters are the ones to start wars and they are also the ones to end them. He also mentioned some less known facts regarding the interpretation process. It is said that, according to the level of stress and complexity, the profession of a simultaneous interpreter ranks second after the flight dispatcher’s. Similar to the previous speaker, Mr. Reabtov concluded his speech with a number of recommendations, in particular, related to the work of a simultaneous interpreter.  Among them the following:

•    Do not ever correct the partner interpreter during the interpretation process! If you want to correct an error, do it during the break and in a discreet way!

The representative of the Ministry of Justice, Ms. Ina Chetrean, congratulated the translators and interpreters and wished them to have wonderful achievements, progress and persistence in their work, which is of special importance in the legal sector, taking into account that globalization and mobility of people has grown so much in the world. Ms. Chetrean reiterated the willingness of the Ministry of Justice to continue cooperation with associations of translators in order to improve the relevant legal framework.

Veaceslav Musteata, a founding member of the ATP Moldova, a highly experienced translator and interpreter, mentioned in his speech that a translator was like an encyclopaedia, as he/she always was continuously absorbing a great deal of knowledge. "Translators", Veaceslav said, "are pioneers, since they have always to translate something new, something that has not been translated before".  We believe, that through that statement, our colleague wanted to make the present translators and interpreters to feel the pride of being a translator - an occupation which is celebrated on September 30 of each year. We subscribe to his opinion.

At the end of the first part of the day’s program, the translators and interpreters listed below were awarded diplomas of excellence for prodigious work in the field:  

1.    Angela Lașcu
2.    Mariana Volosciuc
3.    Olesea Prudnic
4.    Ana Dumbravan  
5.    Ala Mătăsaru
6.    Daniela Alcaz
7.    Eugeniu Budu
8.    Inesa Coman
9.    Angela Glavan
10.    Valentin Reabțov
11.    Eleonora Rusnac
12.    Tamara Burca
13.    Elena Bivol
14.    Natalia Alhazov
15.    Lidia Dogari
16.    Octavian Bodorin
17.    Elena Dolghii
18.    Alina Bușila
19.    Vlad Pohilă
20.    Alina Abramovici

The second part of the event was a laborious one, during which several aspects of translation activity were discussed requiring improved regulatory documents. The issues subject of discussions referred to the legalization and over-legalization of the translator's signature, notarial legalization of translations, taxes on translation works, remuneration, including overtime work, etc. Proposals and suggestions were collected for further analysis, summarising and submission to the Ministry of Justice to constitute the basis for the development of a Regulation on Translator Activity. All translators active on the Moldovan translation market are invited to contribute with their suggestions regarding this regulation.

ATP Moldova extends its thanks to all participants to the event, to the distinguished guests, who were present at the event and to the Ministry of Justice for granted support.

Eleonora Rusnac, President of ATP Moldova

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