A language improving event for the members of APT Moldova

The members of the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova participated recently in an original event named “Absurdity of the language: a philosophical approach”, dedicated to the correct use of the Romanian language. The event was moderated by the writer, poet and literary critic Maria Pilchin.

The guest of the evening presented the reasons and prerequisites for some bad translations, listing among them the not-knowing, laziness, the trend to barbarize the language by overtaking some templates and expressions inappropriate for the target language, and the overindulgence on the language. She also told to those presents about the importance of the context in the process of translation, about the false friends of the translator and traps of the loan-translations, and she mentioned that a loan-translation is dangerous by its comfortability, being a sort of “semi-finished product”.

In her opinion, a translator or interpreter is also an illuminist for its public and, consequently, a translator has the mission, as well as the possibility to promote by means of its activity a correct, elevated, high-quality language, training in this way the consumers of its translations and imposing to them correct models of expression.

In the end of her speech, the lady answered also the question “How to become a good translator?”, recommending to all translators and interpreters, both beginners and experienced, to read as much as possible.

Maria Pilchin has also encouraged the members of APT Moldova to accept the challenge of performing literary translations.

The translator Ivan Pilchin, who has recently launched in Moscow his anthology „Там, куда я точно вернусь (15 молодых поэтов Республики Молдова)” [„There where I will certainly return (15 young poets of the Republic of Moldova)”] also participated in the event as a special guest. He shared with the members of APT Moldova the experience of translating the series included in the above publication.

In the end of the meeting, the members of APT Moldova had the opportunity to ask many questions to Maria Pilchin about the correct use of certain expressions and notions.

By organizing this meeting, the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova resumed its activity of facilitating internal trainings with a view to continuously improving the performances of the members of the Association. Approximately 20 members of the Association participated in the event, and they highly appreciated the speakers.

Chisinau, 11 November 2019

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