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Useful meeting with Mr. John di Rico, Sales and Marketing Manager at Wordfast

On the 5th of February 2020, a cordial and interesting meeting was held with a representative of a company of interest to translators who deal with written translations. During the informal meeting held at the Tucano café, the Wordfast Sales and Marketing Manager explained to representatives of the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP) the advantages of using the Wordfast CAT tool, such as higher speed of translation, maintaining a database of terms, useful for translation of texts on the same topic or for the same client, elimination of errors that are hard to detect by the human eye, opportunities to perform urgent translations and obtain higher income, etc.

Mr. John Di Rico graciously and knowledgably answered the multiple questions of the ATP members, and explained in detail the steps from getting to know the CAT tool up to its full and efficient use, as well as its advantages compared to other CAT tools.

Finally, the Wordfast Manager made a number of special offers to ATP members, including a price discount for purchasing Wordfast, free access to a video tutorial on its use, as well as the opportunity to participate in a Wordfast user conference to be held in Montenegro in May this year for a reduced registration fee for those who will register prior to the 9th of February 2020.

In addition, Mr. Di Rico recommended to those interested to make use of the one-month free trial version before purchasing it, to see its advantages that can be fully exploited in a longer term, upon gaining practical experience of using the software, as well as to see if it meets their expectations. He also announced some breaking news: the release of a brand new version, Wordfast Pro version 5.13, which can be downloaded directly from the company’s website.

Those interested to find out more about the software, opportunities, prices, support and training can contact either the undersigned ATP members who attended the meeting or Mr. John Di Rico or his colleagues directly using the contact details shown on the company's website,

Elena Bivol and Veaceslav Musteata

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