Management bodies - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Management bodies



The management and operation bodies of the Association are the following: General Meeting, Steering Committee, Supervision Committee, Commission for Attestation, Treasurer, Press Officer and Secretary.


The General Meeting develops the Strategy regarding the Association activity and establishes the actions to be implemented by its members (Articles of Association, Art. 17).  


The Steering Committee ensures a well-functioning and adequate management of the Association (Statute, Art. 19). The members of the Steering Committee are: Diana Șestacovschi, Olesea Roibu, Ala Mătăsaru, Cristina Umaneț, Lucia Malic and Diana Cerneavschi. The Association Chair, Alina Abramovici, is also the Chair of the Steering Committee.

 The Supervision Committee monitors the financial situation and the activity of the Association (Statute, Art. 22). Tamara Burcă, Veaceslav Musteaţă and Nadejda Radețki are the members of the Supervision Committee.

 The Commission for Attestation performs the attestation of candidates for APT members and confers the status of member of the Association (Commission for Attestation Regulation). The Members of Attestation Commission are the following persons: Elizaveta Onofreiciuc, Elena Bivol, Lidia Cazacu, Natalia Alhazov, Natalia Muleavin and Maria Postevca.


The Treasurer ensures evidence of Association revenues and expenses. (Regulation, art. 11).  The acting Treasurer of the Association is Nadejda Pojoga.


The Press Officer is responsible for public outreach and ensures the promotion of Association in mass media (Regulation, art. 11). The Press Officer of the Association is Lilia Botnariuc.


The Secretary of the Association contributes to raising the efficiency of APT Moldova and also has the task to document, inform, report and organize the activity of the Association (Regulation, art. 11).  Nadejda Pojoga is the Secretary of the Association.

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