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Natalia Alhazov

Natalia Alhazov

Membru al Comisiei de atestare
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Partenerul tău pentru traduceri din limbile engleză, rusă


                          41 Vlaicu Pîrcălab Str.ap..7, Chisinau, MD-2012, Republic of Moldova


Offering high quality translation from English into Russian     

Offering high quality translation from   Russian into English, written and oral, including simultaneous                      


1995 – present           

     Freelance  ranslator , interpreter, and guide.

     Translating and interpreting for the JDC and Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly of Moldova.

   Collaborating with the Parliament of Moldova, Trade Unions of Moldova, Chamber of Commerce, OSCE, DFID, UNDP,  UNICEF, NGOs related to human rights, ethnic minorities, etc.

     Giving presentations on translation skill development at ATP-Moldova (2004, 2006) and at an International Conference in Nizhni    Novgorod (2005).

Sep 2000 – present

     EFL teacher at American Language Center with American Councils for Education ACTR/ACCELS.

     Teaching Elementary through Advanced Levels, Conversation, Business English, and American Ways.

     Collaboration with Carnegie and JFDP scholar exchange programs as American Studies instructor.

Jan 1999 – June 2000          

    Director of Studies at Studium Language Centre.

Designed and updated foreign language curricula.

Conducted teacher training workshops and seminars.

Compiled teaching aids and students manuals.

Nov 1978 – Jan 1999

     Professor of English at the State University of Moldova, Chisinau.

    Designed and taught courses in History of the English Language, Civilization of English-Speaking Countries and different aspects of English as major.

Conducted research in linguistics and American Studies.

Directed English Speaking Club activities, organized student theatre.

Nov 1995 – Aug 1998

Teacher trainer in collaboration with the Soros Foundation and Peace Corps, Moldova.

May 1997 – Aug 2000

TEFL technical coordinator with Peace Corps, Moldova.

May – Aug 1995

TEFL technical coordinator and cross-cultural assistant with Peace Corps, Moldova.

1995 – 2000

Contributor to Welcome (English language) newspaper.




û   Translated from Russian into English the book by A. Shulman A Hundred Years Later, 2007.

û   Translated from English into Russian the book by Charles Hoffman The Red Shtetl, 2003.

û   Translated from English into Russian the book by Tom Schahtman I Seek My Brethren, 2002.

û   Translated into English 6 issues of the Collage magazine for Youth Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly of Moldova.

û   Edited English for You and Me, a set of English Language Textbooks for Secondary School, 7th form, Teacher’s Book.

û   Translated into English 20 guidebooks, albums, magazines, and books on art, culture, and social life of Moldova. 

û   Co-authored the book on English traditions-THE KINGDOM WHERE THEY SPEAK ENGLISH .

û   Diploma for public lecturing on the social life of English-speaking countries, 1985.

û   Completed and published over 40 articles on language study and civilization, 8 student manuals. 

û   Received a Fulbright grant (UNC in Chapel Hill, NC), 1993.

û   Received a CDEP grant (ISU in Terra Haute, IN), 1998.                                                                                


û   A. I. Cuza University, Iasi, Romania. In-Service Training Course, 1998.

û   Moscow State Linguistic University. Teacher Training Courses in ESL, 1990.

û   Ealing College, London. Courses for Overseas Students, 1984.

û   Kiev State University, Ph.D. in Linguistics, 1980.

û   Kishinev State University, M.A. in English, 1973.


û   Language proficiency in English, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian.

û   Computer skills necessary for the previous and current positions. 

Specializations: translation, consecutive
Languages: ru-en, en-ru

Profile views
MD: 224
: 241
NL: 33
US: 2122
RU: 350
DE: 1384
CA: 85
GB: 126
FR: 1145
CN: 40
BE: 26
ES: 2
GE: 1
IT: 16
JP: 10
CO: 2
UA: 10
BD: 1
KR: 4
IE: 6
AU: 3
EE: 1
ZA: 2
RO: 11
NG: 11
BR: 1
SE: 120
SN: 9
FI: 41
IL: 8
PL: 2
BJ: 1
SG: 317
AE: 1
TG: 11
LT: 5
BZ: 1
CH: 6
MC: 1
CZ: 3
HK: 1
SI: 1
BG: 2
KZ: 1
CI: 1
TR: 1