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David Elena

David Elena

Membru ATP
+37378190327 / +37361042321
Partenerul tău de traduceri din limbile engleză, rusă şi română

First name / Surname: David Elena
Address: Mun.Chishinau, Grigore Vieru 22/8 street
Telephone(s) Mobile: +37378190327 / +37361042321
E-mail: aimworld.company@gmail.com
Nationality: Romanian
Date of birth: 19.02.1987
Gender: Female 

Occupational field: Special Education
Work experience: Manager “TNS–Moldova SRL“
Teacher of English 2008-2012 “Artigher SRL”, “Oratorica SRL”.
Private Interpreter/translator 2008- 2014
Interpreter/ translator 2013 - nowadays…” Statistic Comunications SRL”
Licensed Interpreter/translator; Engl./Rom 2015-nowadays
Director “ I.E. David Elena” 2013 – nowadays
Director “AIMWORLD COMPANY SRL“ 2014- nowadays

Main activities and responsibilities - Taught seminars:
psychology trainings, Teaching practice…, punctual, communicable, positive; Organizing  creative group of pupils; civic education and human respect; proposals / projects, education and training.

Hobbies: Cooking, driving, English, traveling, working, walking, swimming, reading etc.

Driving licence: Driving license category B

Personal skills and competences gained throughout life and career, always like to be the first, responsible, communicable, punctual, serios, sincer and hardworking.

Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ro-en

Profile views
MD: 119
RU: 97
FR: 209
CA: 25
IT: 11
US: 1239
IE: 7
GB: 75
DE: 626
AU: 2
JP: 1
IN: 1
ZA: 1
CY: 1
RO: 14
NG: 4
LB: 2
: 14
CN: 3
SE: 3
SN: 5
NL: 1
KR: 2
FI: 4
TH: 3
PL: 2