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Pavlova Olga

Pavlova Olga

Membru ATP
Partenerul tău de traduceri din limbile engleză, rusă şi română

Personal information

Pavlova Olga

Telephone: (+373)79543730


Nationality: MDA

Date of birth: 09.02.1989

Education and Training

2015, December Training Course “School of Professional Translator” – introduction to Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting and Written translations
2011- 2012 IInd cycle of Masters Degree at Moldova State University, speciality Applied Linguistics
2010-2011 Ist cycle of Masters Degree at Moldova State University, speciality Applied Linguistics
2010 University Diploma – Licentiate in Humanities, field of training Modern and Classical Languages, speciality English Language and Literature and French Language – Moldova State University

Work Experience

2010 (November – now) Methodist at the Department of Foreign students’ Admission and Evidence at the State Medical and Pharmaceutical University
2013- now freelance translator English/Russian/Romanian

Personal Skills and Competences

Focused, versatile, dependable, multi-task oriented, flexible, positive, emotionally stable, able to adapt effectively to challenging and emergency situations.

Language skills

Russian – mother tongue

Romanian – fluent speaking, writing, reading, understanding

English – fluent speaking, writing, reading, understanding

French – reading, understanding 

Computer Skills and Competences

Any OS, advanced user

Microsoft Office, Google docs

Additional Information Interested in reading, travelling, studying new languages.
Specializations: translation
Languages: ro-ru, ru-en, en-ro, en-ru

Profile views
FR: 383
CA: 30
US: 1480
MD: 118
IE: 13
GB: 130
RU: 129
DE: 775
RO: 21
NL: 16
AU: 1
IT: 12
JP: 2
HU: 1
IN: 2
MY: 1
IL: 7
ZA: 6
NG: 4
: 56
BJ: 2
TR: 1
CH: 4
SE: 87
GR: 3
SN: 9
ES: 2
SG: 96
TH: 2
KR: 4
FI: 22
LU: 1
GH: 1
EE: 1
DK: 3
PL: 2
PH: 1
CZ: 1
CN: 17
AE: 1
UA: 1
TG: 1