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Diana Revenco

Diana Revenco

Membru ATP
Partenerul tău de traduceri din limbile engleză, rusă şi română


Diana Revenco     
13 Cosbuc  str.  Ap.7, Chisinau, MD 2005 Moldova
+373 22 227952   +373 69646974        
Sex Female | Date of birth 05/04/1968| Nationality Republic of Moldova
Translator/Interpreter English/Romanian/Russian
July 2015 – 31 December 2015 contracted as a National Junior short term expert in the consultant – Implemented component of the Project “Modernization of local public Services in the Republic of Moldova (MLPS)” being implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and with support of the Romanian Government, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the European Union. The consulting component is contracted to an international consortium with GOPA Consultants (Germany, leader), Oxford Policy Management (UK), Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (Austria), Integration (Germany) and Eptisa (Spain). The project is designed to develop regional sector programmes (RSPs) and prepare an investment project pipeline in the sectors water supply and sanitation (WSS), solid waste management (SWM), energy efficiency in public buildings (EE), and regional and local roads (RLR). Revenco Diana contributed to the preparation of 12 feasibility studies by developing the technical, environmental, social, legal, procurement, financial and definitions chapters, including the related Executive summaries, Introductions in Romanian and English languages with reference to water supply and sanitation sector in the Republic of Moldova;
May 2015 consecutive/simultaneous interpreter for Atlantic Council USA Mission in Moldova;

simultaneous interpreter for the Resident Representative of UNICEF, representatives of PrisewaterhouseCoopers, Bucharest: “Costing methodology for preschool childcare services”;

simultaneous interpreter UNFPA, Round Table devoted to vulnerability of families in Moldova;

consecutive/simultaneous interpreter for WHO mission in the field of DRG system implementation in Moldova (CNAM);

consecutive/simultaneous interpreter for the WB expert in the field of further implementation of Health Services and Social Assistance Project;

simultaneous interpreter for Pirka Tapiola, Head of EU Delegation in Republic of Moldova at the meeting with the Minister of Health regarding future common actions/projects to be implemented in RM;
April 2015 consecutive/simultaneous interpreter for the workshop: “Practical use of RiMPRO system in the management of principal diseases and pests for apple trees” carried out with the support of USAID/ACED/Millennium Challenge Corporation/UNDP/Moldova Fruit Agency;

simultaneous interpreter for: WB Education Reform Project (PHRD Grant) Operation Officer - Anna Olifer / workshop organised in Leova district, RM;

consecutive/simultaneous interpreter for the workshop: “Consultancy Services for Road Maintenance Reform Assistance/Privatisation of Road Maintenance Companies in RM/Basic principles of Output and Performance based Road Maintenance Contracting” implemented with the support of Roughton International Ltd/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
February – March - April 2015 consecutive/simultaneous interpreter/translator for: Energy Efficiency Fund Republic of Moldova implemented with the support of Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau /SIDA and Ministry of Economy Republic of Moldova in the field of the organisational review and system audit of the Moldovan Energy Efficiency Fund;
February 2015 Translated the Manual: Conceptual Framework for MRV of NAMAs/ Republic of Moldova for Low Emission Capacity Building Project (LECB Project)/Climate Change Office/Ministry of Environment, RM;
January 2015 Translation services provided for:  Ministry of Agriculture/RM/EU Twinning Project: “Support to Moldova in the field of norms and standards in food safety for plant origin products”;
October – December 2014 consecutive/simultaneous interpreter for:  “Supporting Moldova’s National Climate Change Adaptation Planning Process” Project implemented with the support of Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC)/UNDP Moldova in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Office, RM;

Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family RM/ EU funded Project: Consolidation of migration  management capacities in the Republic of Moldova, Launching of the new Occupational Classifier of the Republic of Moldova;

consecutive/simultaneous interpreter/translator for:  Ministry of Agriculture, RM/EU Twinning Project: “Support to Moldova in the field of norms and standards in food safety for plant origin products”;

simultaneous interpreter for: 'ELO ECM Conference 2014"; the National Conference: " Multifunctionality, regional development and inter-municipal cooperation in EU - best practices for Moldova", etc.

consecutive/simultaneous interpreter for: Michael Gahler, EPP Group Coordinator Security and Defence Chairman of the Delegation for Relations  with the Pan African Parliament/Vice Chairman of the CDU/CSU Delegation,  who presented recently in the European Parliament the EU – Moldova  Association agreement which includes a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement which was ratified;

Nygel Moore /Business Regulatory Investment Trade Environment (BRITE Programme implemented by "Chemonics International INC";

consecutive/simultaneous interpreterand the necessary assistance for:
Education Reform Project/World Bank for the Operation Officer - Anna Olifer;
Women in Agriculture Network Forum/ACED/USAID for Andreea Chartock, Component II & Evaluation Manager, USAID Contractor/Agricultural Competitiveness and Enterprise Development (ACED);
June 2007 – August 2014 Asistant/Translator
Ministry of Health, Health Services and Social Assistance Project (HSSAP) implemented with the support of World Bank Chisinau Moldova (Ministry of Health web page: www.ms.md (Activitate/Proiecte in desfasurare/Proiectul “ Servicii de sanatate si asistenta sociala”)

Translations/Interpretations/editing of the project/Ministry of Health documents, correspondence/secretary activities/office assistance including logistical and administrative arrangements:
Communication with the beneficiaries, logistical/administrative support provided to international/local consultants, Ministry of Health (MoH) staff; arranging appointments, receiving visitors, giving telephones calls, translating the project correspondence, drafting minutes of the Management Team working meetings (1 - 3 times per week), Steering Committees’ meetings (on quarterly basis), preparation of required documentation for experts’ missions, organisation of working meetings within and outside MoH, at local and national level, workshops and local/national conferences, including meetings of the HSSAP Steering Committees, drafting and editing written project-related documents in English/Romanian/Russian, developed quarterly activity reports, provided translation/interpretation services within HSSAP and at the national level, while translating different Legal Agreements/Contract Agreements signed by MoH and performed simultaneous interpretation at a large number of national conferences, official meetings related to signing of International Agreements, working local/international meetings, etc.
Business or sector: Translations/interpretations in  Health / Social / IT sector
June 2014 simultaneous interpreter/ TEMPUS, Technological Transfer Network, Workshop: “University/enterprise cooperation – knowledge and innovation transfer”
May 2014 simultaneous interpreter/ 4th International Conference on Overcoming Regional Disparities / “Implementing Regional Development Policies:
What are the key factors for success?”
May 2006 –May 2007 Secretary/Assistant/Translator/Interpreter -Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Moldova, Chisinau

Translations/Interpretations/editing of the Embassy documents, correspondence/secretary activities/office assistance including logistical and administrative arrangements, translation/development of summary related to political news/situation
April 2006 interpreter - WB / Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources / GEF

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Stockpiles Management and Distruction Project
March 2006 interpreter / SIDA, Preparatory work Termokom

translator/ Embassy of Sweden

interpreter/ Audit Office and Court of Accounts from Sweden, Court of Accounts from Moldova

simultaneous interpreter/ UNDP, seminar on participatory monitoring and evaluation of the EGPRS implementation
February 2006 interpreter/ European Commission, mission on the assessment of the energy price increase impact on the economy of the RM
January 2006 translator/ UNDP: Country Programming and Related Matters; Third Country Programme Document for Republic of Moldova (2007-2011)
December 2005 interpreter/ SIDA, performed interpretation in agriculture area
November 2005 Intertext company, accomplished the translation of the “Smooth Flight: A Guide to Preventing Youth Trafficking”; Edited by Alison Boak, MPH, Amy Boldosser, and Ofronama Biu; Published as part of the Project for the Prevention of Adolescent Trafficking (PPAT); Funded by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)

interpreter /UNFPA,  Moldova, Assessment mission

translator/ UNFPA
October 2005 interpreter/translator European Union Project/Department of Statistics

simultaneous interpretation at a seminar on Child Labour in Agriculture UNDP, FNPAIA Project on Combating Child Labour in the Commercial Agriculture Sector in Moldova

simultaneous interpreter /The National Farmers Federation of Moldova, Conference: “The National Farmers Federation of Moldova –10 years of activities. Achievements, problems, perspectives.”
July, September 2005 interpreter/translator - SIDA/Adam Smith International mission on assessment the needs for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EGPRS) implementation

interpreter/translator -SIDA/ Adam Smith International mission on Central Public Administration Reform Strategy development
July, 2005 interpreter/ Council of Europe, mission on observation of Chisinau mayor elections
May, 2005 interpreter/translator, UNESCO, Regional Conference held on occasion of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
April 2005 Family Planning Association, workshop on Strategic Plan Development, interpreter

Terre des hommes, FACT Project, Moldova – translator

UNDP, UNIFEM Project, Moldova, evaluation mission, interpreter
February, March 2005 Observation Mission deployed by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), worked for six weeks as a media monitor and interpreter/translator with the International Election Observation Mission for the 2005 parliamentary elections of the Republic of Moldova.
Oct/Nov/Dec 2004 translator /UNDP, Economic Policy for Growth Employment and Poverty Reduction Project
Sep/Oct 2004 interpreter/UNIFEM, “Promoting Gender Equality for Legislation” Project

International Conference on Education, Chisinau
June 2004 Interpreter/UN Moldova; Ministry of Education Moldova: Task Force Education and Youth; Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe; K•education (Austria); OECD, Austrian Cooperation Eastern Europe; European Foundation for Training; UNESCO;UNICEF
May, June 2004 UNDP, Local Agenda 21, simultaneous interpreting for the National Forum „Together we can create a prosperous future”.

translator-interpreter /UNDP, Poverty and Policy Monitoring Unit
April 2004 interpreter /MSIF, working with the expert from the International Business Initiative, USA company
February-March 2004 translator /UNDP, Poverty and Policy Monitoring Unit (PPMU), interpreter for Poverty Mapping expert
January-February 2004 MSIF, working with experts from the WB, Great Britain for preparing
January  2004 interpreter/MSIF, Training of MSIF personnel in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (WB experts)
December 2003 interpreter /MSIF, Training of MSIF personnel in communication strategy
November 2003

interpreter /SIDA, seminar held by Zenit International

simultaneous interpreting /MSIF, National Conference: “Children in Difficulty-Development of Alternative Social Services”

October 2003 interpreter/UNICEF, The analysis of costs for residential and alternative services in child care
September – October 2003 interpreter/Social Investment Fund, Moldova (MSIF), mission of assessment in the frame of Partnership Development Programme

interpreter/ WB, Youth inclusion project, interpreter
September 2003 interpreter/SIDA project, “The Development of services for children at risk”
July 2003 interpreter/UNICEF/WB Life skills based Education workshop
interpreter /Dupont company, Agrimatco service, Chisinau
June 2003 interpreter/European Union, Follow-up seminar for managers
May 2003 simultaneous interpreter /UNDP, United Nations Resources on the Internet
February, March, April 2003 interpreter /Deloitte and Touche, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Project, European Union
December 2002 Interpreter/translator -CNFA, National Federation of SCACs, Agribusiness Volunteer Programme, Moldova
November 2002 simultaneous interpreter/Social Investment Fund from Moldova (MSIF), Training of Trainers workshop on Communication Campaign accomplished by L. Patrick Henry, the Director of Training/Program Manager of International Business Initiatives, USA company
October 2002 interpreter/ World Bank/ Moldova Water Supply and Sanitation Project
June 2002 European Women’s FoundationWorkshop “Women Together-Partnership for Democracy” – sponsored by Ireland Aid/Department of Foreign Affairs, Government of Ireland
May, July 2002 interpreter-translator /UNOPS Project/Assessment of Management Needs of the Government, Improving Management Performance of the Government
February – June 2001 interpreter-translator,  full-time salaried DFID (Department for International Development), Great Britain MTPP (Moldova Trade Policy Project),  maternity leave.
November 2000 interpreter /Agriculture mission, World Bank
March, August, September 2000 Worked as an interpreter with the USA Embassy Humanitarian Aid Project, Operation Provide Hope initiated by the US State Department, implemented by the Ministry of Defence, Moldova
April 2000 Performed the duties of the interpreter-translator on a study tour to France, Holland, Lithuania with the World Bank/Moldova/General Education Project
September, November, December 1999; February, April, May, June, October, November 2000; January, 2001; October 2002. interpreter - World Bank/Moldova/General Education Project/ Ministry of Education RM
1999 interpreter/translator: Family Planning Association Moldova, Chisinau World Bank Mission and the Ministry of Finance from Moldova;  VOCA, Moldova; SIDA/Ministry of Finance on Law on Local public finances and State Budget Act in Sweden; Health February Mission, World Bank; Agriculture February Mission, World Bank/ARA, Moldova
1998 interpreter/First Cadastre Project, Moldova;  Social Investment Fund; Family Planning Association Moldova; World Bank /Moldova/ General Education Project (Proiectul Reformei Învăţămîntului Preuniversitar în Moldova)
1 October 1997-30 June 1998 interpreter-translator, full-time salaried UNDP, Governance and Democracy – Strengthening Local Governments Project, worked until the project finished in June 1998
1998 simultaneous interpreting with TACIS, the National Observatory of Moldova, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport; TACIS, Environmental Resources Management, Department of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Moldova.
1997 interpreter-translator /CPBR (Centre for Private Business Reform); Centre for Strategic Studies and Reforms, UNDP/WB Project “Strategy for Development”; JTZ; ACDI VOCA; OECF, EBRD.
1996 interpreter – translator/ World Bank (Chisinau); National Bank of Moldova, Ministry of Finance (Chisinau); TACIS (Chisinau); GTZ (German Technical Assistance) (Chisinau).
1995 interpreter - translator / UNO (Chisinau, Moldova); IMF (Chisinau).
1989 - 1990 Taught the English language using an intensive method at “ABC-dava” Linguistic Centre (Chisinau), 1989-1990.


May 1999 Awarded the title of Doctor in Philology, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of Bucharest University under the direction of Professor Adrian Nicolescu, Director of the Institute of British Studies from Bucharest.
1992 Admitted to a three week Seminar of English organized by the BBC at the English Language Summer School in London (BBC English, The English Speaking Union, International House).   
1991 ttended a two-week teaching methodology course for experienced teachers of English at “Costache Negruţi” secondary school in Iasi, Romania. This course was organised by the International House (International Teacher Training Institute), and dealt with current language teaching methods and procedures. Director General – Tony Duff B. A., R. S. A. Dip. TEFLA, LRAM (Drama).
1989 Attended a 2-month course for teaching English using an intensive method in Moscow at the Academy of Science.


Mother tongue(s) Romanian
Other language(s)  










Communication skills Excellent interpersonal communication skills gained through the entire working experience (Confirmed as well by references attached).
Organisational / managerial skills Excellent  organisational / managerial skills gained while being recruited as a full-time salaried Assistant/Translator/Interpreter with DFID (Department for International Development), Great Britain MTPP (Moldova Trade Policy Project, 2001);  Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Moldova, Chişinău, 2006 – 2007;  Ministry of Health, Health Services and Social Assistance Project (HSSAP) implemented with the support of World Bank Chisinau Moldova, 2007 – 2014, during which I performed  very often the duties of the Project Coordinator, while organising a large number of fworkshops, National / International conferences, working meetings.
Job-related skills Efficient , good command of documents/reports editing
Computer skills good command of Microsoft Office (MS Word), MS Excel, Outlook, Adobe Page Maker tools


copies of degrees and qualifications;

Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ro-ru, ro-en, ru-ro, en-ro

Profile views
MD: 194
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NL: 14
CA: 35
DE: 752
FR: 299
US: 1605
RU: 174
SE: 47
GB: 89
CN: 42
IN: 3
IT: 24
RO: 18
JP: 12
TR: 2
UA: 21
ES: 4
CH: 7
AU: 1
ZA: 9
CZ: 4
GR: 2
IE: 3
NG: 8
PL: 8
LT: 1
BE: 3
LV: 1
MK: 1
LU: 1
KR: 5
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