Terms of accession - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Terms of accession

To prove that they meet qualification requirements, the applicants willing to become ATP members shall provide specific details and pass a number of tests, as follows:

The package of documents to be submitted when requesting ATP membership shall include, but not be limited to:

           - current CV, including contact details;

           - 1-2 reference letters regarding professional experience;

           - the copy of the document confirming relevant education;

         - the copy of the person’s ID;

        - an application to join the ATP;

The applicants shall provide sample translations from/into their working languages.

The applicants shall pass an interview with a panel of three members of the Attestation Commission, who will test the applicants’ speaking and interpreting skills in their working languages.

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