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Barbier Olga

Barbier Olga

Membru ATP
Partenerul tău de traduceri din limbile engleză, română


Olga Barbier

97/3, Dosoftei, 2001 Chisinau, Moldova  
Sex Female

Date of birth 30/10/1990

Nationality Moldovan


(07/09/2015 - present) Office Manager
Pizzarotti & C.S.p.A., Chisinau
Project – “Rehabilitation of the Road R16  “Balti-Falesti –Sculeni” 
▪ Attending meetings, interpreting and translations of the referred documents, as Contracts and
▪ Overseeing the recruitment of new staff, participating at the interviews;
▪ Managing filing systems, supervising and monitoring the work of secretarial, clerical and administrative systems;
▪ Organizing the office layout and maintaining supplies of stationery and equipment ;
▪Dealing with correspondence, complaints and queries;
(01/08/2013 – 31.08.2015) Translator and Office Assistant 
Egis Eau, Chisinau 
Project – “Construction Supervision of the Works Contract for the Rehabilitation of Centralized Irrigation Systems on Nistru and Upper Prut Rivers”
▪ Ensure translations of the documents and Monthly and Quarterly Estimation Reports for our Beneficiary - MCA (Millennium Challenge Account); 
▪ Assist in communication and provide translations at meetings and field visits, facilitate workshops and seminars; 
▪ Drafting of Letters and official correspondence, logistic arrangements for office; ▪ Liaison with clients, as Hidroconstructia IAMSAT and SADE.
(15/10/2012 – 30/08/2013)

Supervisor and Administrator 
Leogrant SRL, Chisinau 
▪ Providing team orientation and conducting supervisory activities, such as creating work schedules or organizing time sheets; 
▪ Ordering and Managing Inventory;

▪ Attend to guest complaints and coordinate activities of dining room personnel to ensure prompt and courteous service to clients;
▪ Monitoring employee performance once they are trained;

▪ Building Sales and Profits.

(01/04/2012 – 16/04/2013) Freelance Translator and Interpreter 
Consulate of the Netherlands 
▪ Facilitate effective communication between two parties that do not speak a similar language by converting one spoken or written language to another. 
▪ Attend conferences and meetings and act as translator to mediate discussion.
(01/05/2011 – 01/01/2012) Data Management Assistant 
European Management Solutions 
▪ Integrate new CV data into our database
▪ Classify all the data
▪ Posting jobs
(01/11/2013 – 01/04/2014) Driving Liscence (Category B)
(01/11/2013 – till now) Le Club Toastmasters Francs-Parleurs Chisinau
(01/09/2009 – 01/09/2012) Moldova State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages (spec. EnglishFrench).
(01/09/2009 – 01/012013) Member of AIESEC (the World's largest student run organization focused on providing a platform for youth to explore and develop their potential).
(01/09/2001 – 01/06/2006) Linguata, School of foreign languages.
(01/09/1997 – 01/06/2009 Lyceum “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Balti Municipality.


Mother tongue(s) Moldavian
Other language(s)  

UNDERSTANDING: Listening C1 / Reading C1

SPEAKING: Spoken interaction C1 /  Spoken
production C1



UNDERSTANDING: Listening C1 / Reading C1

SPEAKING: Spoken interaction C1 /  Spoken
production C1


UNDERSTANDING: Listening B1 / Reading B1

SPEAKING: Spoken interaction B1 /  Spoken
production B1

Communication skills Good communication skills gained through my experience as Administrator and Supervisor as well Translator and Office Assistant. Display of flexibility, professionalism, initiative and integrity at all times present me as the right candidate.
Organisational / managerial skills ▪Ability to multi-task
▪Ability to respect the deadlines
▪Keeping a current list of needed business contacts
▪Prioritizing tasks
▪Analytical skills
Job-related skills ▪ Accuracy 
▪ Adaptability
▪ Business Communication Skills
▪ Diplomacy Skills
▪ Organizational effectiveness
Computer skills Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point skills
Driving license B
Specializations: translation, consecutive
Languages: ro-en, en-ro

Vizionările profilului
FR: 178
CA: 13
US: 976
IT: 15
MD: 105
GB: 54
IE: 8
DE: 408
RU: 59
AU: 1
JP: 1
A1: 1
IL: 1
UA: 3
ZA: 1
LU: 7
RO: 6
NG: 3
: 11
SN: 6
PL: 2
TR: 3
SE: 3
KR: 2
FI: 3
TH: 3
JO: 1