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Braila Vlad

Braila Vlad

Membru ATP
+373 22 346443 / +373 79123975
Partenerul tău de traduceri din limbile engleză, rusă şi română


  Vlad Braila
Ginta Latina Street, 19, Chisinau, Republic Moldova
+373 22 346443 / +373 79123975


June 24 - November 30, 2015 Occupation: Public Information Assistant (Fixed term); (working languages: Romanian, English, Russian).
Type of business | Main activities: Communication | - monitoring news, compiling and distributing a daily morning news digest to the international audience (embassies, international organizations, state institutions) containing edited news from news agencies from Moldova (including Transdniestria) and from abroad on issues relevant to the activity of the Mission (Transdniestrian settlement process, political news, economic issues, military and security issues, foreign policy, human rights & rule of law, freedom of media, anti-trafficking);
- circulating news for the internal staff of the Mission; drawing the attention of the local and international staff to news relevant for the activity of the Mission; administrating the public information material of the Mission and ensuring its proper distribution;
- translating from English into Romanian or Russian and vice versa: articles for the morning news digest distribution; press conferences; oral and written interviews of the HOM, DHOM or the Spokesperson; press releases; other materials on request of HOM, or DHOM;
- editing press-releases;
- recording TV news and analytical programs, writing transcripts on broadcasted online and TV material;
- arranging agenda and background materials for meetings and events;
Accomplishments: I have gained a rich experience in handling issues specific to OSCE mandate, specifically on political settlement of the Transdniestrian conflict, as well as political, military and security issues. I have improved my abilities in editing press-releases on issues specific to the mission.
Name and address of the employer: OSCE Mission to Moldova, Alexei Mateevici Str. 75, MD-2009 Chisinau
Reason for wishing to change job: Fixed term position.
July 24, 2012- June 24, 2015 Occupation: Senior Consultant, within Communications and Media Relations Office of the Government (working languages: Romanian, English, Italian, written German)
Communication (political / security / economic / social / other fields) | - participation in meetings and official visits of Prime Minister; drafting press releases which reflected these events; making photo materials, editing video materials; as well as delivering all the official information to press agencies;
- uploading all this information on the governmental web page, administering site;
- organizing the interviews and press statements of the Prime Minister;
- monitoring the local and international media, which reflects Government's activity;
- translating articles from foreign press, regarding Prime Minister (from German, Italian and English into Romanian)
- responsible for graphical editing of Government’s periodical magazine ”Infogov” (11 issues)
Accomplishments: I advanced in getting more familiar with the practice of relationships establishment between central public institutions and international organizations, as well as the development of relations on the highest level between the Government of Moldova and other foreign authorities. I obtained a large experience in drafting official press releases, with regard to different areas which comprise Government’s activity. I have also strengthened my technical abilities in administering the governmental web-platform, editing a periodical magazine, making photos with a professional photo camera.
Name and address of the employer: The State Chancellery, Office of Communications and media relations, National Square Str. 1, Chisinau
January 2010 - present Occupation: Freelancer – remote translator/interpreter
Type of business | Main activities: Interpreting | Self-employed (additional permanent part-time activity simultaneously undertaken with other work posts). Interpreter for different NGO’s, local public institutions, foreign experts in diverse areas. I made translations (written, consecutive, and whispering) from English to Romanian / Russian and vice versa; also I possess some experience in written translation from German and Italian into Romanian, Russian and English.
Name and address of the employer: Registered at Berlizzo Group; included in the OSCE and UNDP roster database of remote translators.
Sept., 2004 - February, 2007 Occupation: Senior specialist within Department of International Relations (Civil Servant); Also a consecutive position held within the Academy was the one of Senior specialist within Information-Analytical Department (2006); (working language: Romanian, Russian, English)
Type of business | Main activities: Foreign Affairs | Diplomatic protocol (reception of foreign guests from EU and ambassadors. Diplomatic correspondence with analogical institutions from abroad, embassies, ministries. Participation in round tables, conferences and seminars (2004-2005); Lecturing in political and foreign affairs field, within Department of International Relations (Courses held: Globalisation, European Policies, Republic of Moldova in the context of International Relations (last course held in English)); holding informative seminars for civil servants (on EU history, Structure of EU), within “European Union Informative Center” unit department of the Academy. Also member of the working group on Elaboration of proposals for the “Concept of the foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova”, led by the Head of the IR Department. Keeping the record of the Academy’s staff foreign affairs activity, documenting this activity, preparing monthly reports; also responsible for the release of the Academy’s periodical magazine (graphical design). Phone for reference: +373 22 28-48-40
Accomplishments: I gained substantial experience in protocol. I had the opportunity to put in practice my theoretical knowledge in diplomacy. I met different representatives from European Union and international organizations, officials, and various experts from European union. It was a good training background for my future activity. I have learned how to hold a correct diplomatic correspondence.
Name and address of the employer The Academy of Public Administration, Ialoveni Str. 100, MD 2070, Chisinau, The Republic of Moldova,
Sep. 2003 - August 2004 Occupation: University assistant (working language: Romanian, Russian, English)
Type of business | Main activities: Professorship | Holding courses in political and foreign affairs field (European Integration, History of International Relations, Foreign Policy of Republic of Moldova); Member of CEPO Project (in cooperation with Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA). The project’s purpose - improvement of curricula in High Institutions. My activity - Relationships with NGOs & IT support Department. Phone: +373 22 79 60 94
Accomplishments: It was the start of my work experience. The position of a lecturer put basis for my future developments in the international relations field. In the same time I gained experience within the CEPO project (project on voluntary basis). My basic activities were to maintain stable relationships with different NGOs. Our mutual cooperation was focused on student recruitment for civil activities. I have trained abilities in establishing and developing contacts with NGOs, arranging meetings and workshops. The main purpose - the involvement of students in social activity.
Name and address of the employer: The Moldova State University, Faculty of International Relations, N. Testimiteanu Str. 18, Chisinau, Moldova.

Other 2 positions held (IT and Tourism/reception fields)

July 20, 2009- Sept. 20, 2011 Occupation: Receptionist/tour manager (working languages: Italian, German, English, Russian)
Type of business | Main activities: Tourism | I worked in the tourism domain, within CDA Agency, located in Bologna, Italy. I fulfilled different activities, mainly in: reception of guests on territory (tourist camp); offering informational assistance for tourists; holding some informative seminars on Italian region of Calabria, mostly for British/American tourists. I also had HR Manager duty to supervise 15 employees’ staff within this touristic camp, to schedule their activity.
Accomplishments: This job allowed me to develop my manager skills. It was a very useful experience, what concerns strengthening my organizational abilities. I also had the opportunity to keep my language skills up to date.
Name and address of the employer: CDA Tourism Agency. Via Vittoria, 5/b, San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna), Italy. Tel. +39 051452758
March 2, 2007- Nov. 28, 2008 Occupation: Web projects Manager (working language: English)
Type of business | Main activities: IT | Monitoring of software development process (the supervising of programmers); documenting the  product development, and drafting software design specification; Development of graphical schemes which show in detail how each software product works; web-design (development of web page components, logotypes); final online testing of these products (online services).
Accomplishments: I have gained a great experience in Informational Technologies, obtained independent skills in administering personal computers, installing operational systems, troubleshooting; improved my knowledge of graphic design applications (Photoshop, Page Maker), and gained some skills in web pages developing (HTML, PHP).
Name and address of the employer: Moldovan-British joint venture company „VingenioSoftware“. Bucharest Str. 12, Chisinau, Moldova

Education and training

2003 - 2004 Title of qualification awarded: Master Degree in International Relations
Principal subjects covered Synergy of International Relations, Diplomacy: practice, procedure, dynamics , Strategic Studies, Political Analysis
Name of organization providing education Moldova State University, Faculty of International Relations, Political and Administrative Sciences.
Type: University
1998 - 2003 Title of qualification awarded: Bachelor of Faculty of International Relations
Principal subjects covered Political science, Conflict studies, Theory and practice of negotiations, Diplomatic and consular Law, Diplomatic service, Geopolitics, International organizations, Theory of International relations, Neighborhood policy, Political Systems, International Economic Relations, Regional Integration, International Law, Foreign Languages (English, German)
Name of organization providing education Moldova State University, Faculty of International Relations, Political and Administrative Sciences.
Type: University

Personal skills and competences

Mother tongue Romanian
Other language(s)  
English Excellent (professional fluency) C1
Russian Excellent (professional fluency) C1
German Good (conversational knowledge) B2
Italian Good (conversational knowledge) B1
French Basic (limited knowledge) A1
Communication skills and competences Starting from November 2015, I am an active member of the Chisinau Toastmasters Club. This is a branch organization of the Toastmaster International Club, a world leader in communication and leadership development. The attendance of this club meetings is improving my speaking and leadership skills; Experience in communicating with foreigners; advanced language skills, gained through work, both in Moldova and abroad. Apart from professional written translations (from Romanian, Russian into English, and vice versa), I can make also German and French into Romanian, as well as oral simultaneous translations from English into Russian and Romanian and vice versa.
Organizational skills and competences - good organizational skills obtained during previous positions (particularly in what regards organizing briefings, or any conduct of activity; I react promptly and adequately to unpredictable situations
- I meet deadlines.

Computer skills and competences

Skills in troubleshooting, good command of MSOffice, Windows,  good knowledge of graphic design applications (Photoshop, QuarkXPress 9)
Other skills and competences Honesty and flexibility are my personal qualities that I manifest in relationship with people and colleagues. Able to organize my work independently, assuming responsibilities, respecting the terms and fixed objectives. Hard-working and perseverant.
Interests: history, acoustic guitar, classical literature
Driving license Category B
Additional information References for recommendations:
1) Rachel Bending, Spokesperson of the OSCE Mission to Moldova, Office: +373 22 887 846 | Mobile: +373 69 149 510
2) Elena Moldoveanu, former Head of Communication and Press relations Bureau, Government of Republic of Moldova. Phones: +373 79 434297
3) Sorina Stefarta, former Communication senior consultant in Prime Minister’s office. Phone: 069189010
4) Sergiu Pîslaru, Senior specialist in the Information-Analytical Department (Academy of Public Administration). Phone: 069326038
Specializations: translation, consecutive
Languages: ro-en, ro-de, ru-en, ru-de, en-ro, en-ru, en-de, de-ro, de-ru, de-en, it-ro, it-ru, it-en

Vizionările profilului
MD: 192
GB: 173
FR: 857
US: 1907
IL: 8
IT: 26
CA: 50
ZA: 3
RU: 432
DE: 1124
NG: 17
CI: 4
BE: 23
CN: 26
BY: 3
LU: 4
QA: 1
EU: 1
NL: 33
: 113
BR: 9
MK: 1
PL: 20
TR: 8
RO: 6
SE: 137
IE: 6
SN: 9
CH: 3
AT: 7
KR: 8
FI: 40
JP: 29
TH: 17
HN: 14
CZ: 12
HK: 10
EE: 9
DK: 10
NO: 6
ES: 9
ID: 24
UA: 13
IQ: 2
PK: 1
BD: 7
LT: 8
GR: 1
VN: 1
IN: 11
UG: 2
BG: 3
HU: 2
MX: 1
JM: 1
CO: 4
EC: 1
RS: 1
KZ: 2
NP: 1
PS: 1
BJ: 2
AM: 1
SC: 1
SG: 314
MV: 1
KH: 1
PA: 1
TG: 3
CL: 1
AZ: 1
AE: 1
AU: 1
SI: 1
MY: 3
TN: 1
UZ: 1
HR: 1
VE: 3
XK: 1
AR: 1