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Anastasia Kulikovskaia

Anastasia Kulikovskaia

Membru ATP
+373 79 590898
Partenerul tău de traduceri din limbile română, engleză, rusă


                    ANASTASIA KULIKOVSKAIA
                    Conference Interpreter

Date/Place of Birth:        08.09.1980 / MOLDOVA                                                
Address:                        98/2 Ismail Street, ap.22, MD-2001 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Tel.:                              +373 79590898

WORKING LANGUAGES Russian: A (native)
English, Romanian: B (professional)
OTHER LANGUAGES French, Spanish, Ukrainian (intermediate)



2010 – Present

Freelance Conference Interpreter, over 900 interpreter/days

Customer portfolio includes, among others:
Partnerships for Every Child, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UN Women, WHO, World Bank Country Offices in Chisinau, American Councils Moldova, COMCEC (OIC), EaP Civil Society Forum, East-Europe Foundation, EIB, EU Delegation to Moldova, Dutch Academy of Finance and Economy, FAO, HelpAge International, INOGATE, Peace Corps Moldova, PEMPAL (WB), PPRD East, Soros Foundation Moldova, Terre des Hommes, TRACECA, UN Istanbul Regional Hub, UNICEF Bratislava Regional Centre for Central and Eastern Europe and CIS, USAID, state institutions of the Republic of Moldova, non-governmental organizations, local and foreign private companies.

Interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous), translation and editing in the fields, including but not limited to: agriculture, accounting and audit, community development, culture, economics, energy, environment, gender equality, health, human resources, human rights, information technologies, journalism, politics, psychology, public finance, regional development, roads and infrastructure, social protection, sports, statistics, teaching, textile and garment industry, tourism, youth and others.

More detailed information on conferences and collaborations is available upon request.

October 2003 – November 2009

BERLIZZO Translation House (BERLIZZO Group since 2007), Anodilia SRL, Chisinau

Started as Corporate Clients Assistant, then Corporate Clients Manager since 2004 and Executive Director since 2006, with translation/interpreting as major part of duties

February 2002 – September 2003 Federation of Parachuting Sport of Moldova



September 2008 – June 2011 Moldova State University
Master’s Degree in English Studies
September 1999 – June 2003 Moldova State University
Licentiate’s Degree in Psychology
AFFILIATIONS Member of the Moldovan Association of Professional Translators/Interpreters




Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ro-ru, ro-en, ru-ro, ru-en, en-ro, en-ru

Vizionările profilului
MD: 288
FR: 938
DE: 994
US: 1853
GB: 147
: 110
RU: 246
PL: 14
TR: 7
CA: 39
NG: 12
PT: 4
RO: 16
SE: 122
BE: 28
IE: 4
BJ: 8
SN: 9
ES: 8
UA: 14
AT: 1
CH: 2
SK: 2
TH: 4
KR: 8
FI: 43
ID: 1
DK: 1
LU: 1
LT: 8
CN: 23
TG: 6
BY: 2
CI: 7
AE: 4
SG: 316
JP: 2
IL: 2
CZ: 3
RS: 1
NL: 27
AG: 2
AU: 2
MK: 1
IT: 3
UZ: 1
MN: 1
VE: 2
BG: 4
AR: 1
GH: 2
LV: 1
TN: 2
PK: 1
ML: 1