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Natalia Vindereu

Natalia Vindereu

Membru ATP
Partenerul tău pentru traduceri din limbile engleză, română, rusă

Nsme:           Natalia Vinderau   

Address:        74, 13/1, Traian Avenue, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 2060;

Telephone:    56-72-85 (home), 079 545 237 (mobile);



USAID/Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development (CEED) Project implemented by Chemonics International Inc. (August 2006 – February 2007)

Position: English – Romanian – English translator/interpreter (written and oral consecutive and simultaneous translations in five main areas, such as banking, leasing, textile/apparel, information and communication technologies, and wine making; and support to the office management team.)

SIDA/ Adam Smith International Public Administration Reform (PAR) Project 

(October 2005 – August 2006)

Position: translator/administrative assistant (written translation of laws, regulations, government decisions, and other CPAR related documents and work plans; verbal translations within meetings, workshops, and conferences; maintenance of office files and preparation of monthly RPS and Cash Reconciliation Statement, as well as other support to ASI local office.)

Position: translator/interpreter (written and verbal consecutive/simultaneous translations on privatization and reorganization of farms in Moldova, preparation and translation of monthly/quarterly/progress reports, and studies conducted jointly by local and international consultants, as well as some secretarial work within the first 2 years of activity)

European Expertise Service PMU TACIS Pig Project (May 1995 - October 1995)

Interpreter/translator (written and verbal consecutive translations in accounting, marketing, and management information systems.)

Free lance work included written and verbal translations on accounting, law, finance, engineering, constructions, information technologies, agriculture, public governance, and environment. Also worked on “piece work and contract basis” for some EU, USAID, WB and UNDP projects implemented in the Republic of Moldova, including REC-Moldova, IFAD, CNFA, UNO Association for Prevention of Torture, International Labor Organization, EGPRSP, MEPO, Soros Foundation – Moldova, and DANCEE Project “Assistance to the Republic of Moldova in the Implementation of Aarhus Convention – Pillar II”.    

Theoretical Lyceum “Vasile Alecsandri), Chisinau(1994-1996),teacher of English

Cainari Secondary School (1992-1994), teacher of English

Constantinovca Incomplete Secondary School, Căinari raion (1984-1992),Teacher of English, German, and Romanian.


Chişinău State University, Foreign

Languages Department:      Diploma of Interpreter, Translator, Philologist and Teacher of English (1979 - 1984); 

Young Teachers School:     One-year training course for young teachers (1988-1989); 

Căplan Secondary School: Ştefan Vodă raion (1968-1979) 

Language proficiency:         Romanian - native, English - fluent, Russian - fluent 

Computer skills:                     (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet) 

Hobbies:                                  Music, theatre, sports, reading.

Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ro-en, ru-en, en-ro, en-ru

Vizionările profilului
RO: 7
MD: 61
: 117
NG: 9
US: 1207
NL: 19
DE: 496
GR: 2
AZ: 2
CA: 24
GB: 75
RU: 106
FR: 223
SE: 4
CN: 12
IT: 17
JP: 7
UA: 3
CO: 2
GH: 1
BJ: 1
SN: 6
BE: 2
AU: 1
ZA: 3
BR: 1
TH: 1
ID: 1
ES: 1
PL: 1
TR: 1
HU: 1
IE: 2
TG: 2