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Gloria Jigău

Gloria Jigău

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20April -20 May 2013 – Training Course “School of Professional Translator” – introduction to Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting and Written translations

2010 – 2012 – MA in the Public Relations and Advertising department, “Alex.Ioan Cuza” University, Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science

2008 – 2009 – BTD scholarship “European Leadership and political training for motivated youth from Moldova” – IDIS Viitorul, a project of the German Marshall Fund

2004 – 2008 – BA in Sociology, Free International University of Moldova, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology.

2006 - 2007 – Exchange student at the University of Georgia , Athens, USA, scholarship offered by the Open Society Institute (OSI) in the frame of Undergraduate Exchange Program for students (UEP)

2005-2006 - Student Scholar at the Invisible College Moldova, Sociology Laboratory


19-20 November 2015  Simultaneous interpreter for Council of Europe – Training - Access to the constitutional jurisdiction in the light of the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR)

20-21 September 2015 – Consecutive Interpreter for WOMEN’S LAW CENTER, Chisinau, Moldova – Training on the financial assistance for the NGO from SIDA FOUNDATION

SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER 2014 – Consecutive Intepreter for OTA US TREASURY – Mission for National Central Bank of Moldova - Anti Laundry Department/ Combating the financing of terrorism 

3-4 August 2013 Consecutive interpreter for Lumos Foundation – Training of the Residential Care team members 

26-27 July 2013 Consecutive interpreter for VVD International Training “Strengthening Political Youth Organizations”

14-16 June 2013 Consecutive interpreter for Friedrich Naumann Stiftung FUR DIE FRIEHEIT Training for Local Public Administration staff

4th of June 2013 Consecutive Interpreter for World Health Organization mission on documenting sectorial coordination

15-22 May 2013 Consecutive Interpreter for Lumos Foundation – Evaluation mission of the Lumos Social Inclusion Projects

30 January – 10 February 2013 Consecutive interpreter, translator for Gordana Stosic, media consultant – evaluation mission funded by Open Society Institute Media Program

November 2010 Consecutive interpreter, translator for Mr. Thomas Otter, UNICEF expert

December, the 8th 2008 Consecutive interpreter for Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), rebranding event

May 2008 Consecutive interpreter for Mr. Bartol Letica, World Bank expert

2007 – present part-time translation/interpreting from Romanian/Russian into English for Center of Sociological Investigations and Marketing “CBS-Axa”


December 2015 – Present – Freelance tour guide for Moldova, Transnistria and Romania

December 2015 – Present – Director of the Professional Association of Translators from Republic of Moldova

December 2013 – Present – Member of the Professional Association of Translators from Republic of Moldova

30November – 18 December 2015 – Organiser and Manager of the Training Course “School of Professional Translator” – introduction to Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting and Written translations  - Sixth Edition

March 2008 – June 2008 – Audient of the Informative Training program offered by the European Institute for political studies from Moldova.

January 2005 – May 2006 – Volunteer in the International Center "La Strada" NGO part of the international network of Prevention of Trafficking in Women in Central and Eastern Europe


GERMANY, LEIPZIG, BERLIN, MARCH 8-13TH 2009 Study visit at local and international NGOs, radio and TV stations. Visit offered by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Moldova FRANCE, STRASBOURG July 2008
Summer University for Democracy – School of Political Studies of the Council of Europe
USA, January 2007
Georgia International Leadership Conference
MOLDOVA, July 2006
International Center of European Formation from Moldova
Summer school „Black Sea Region in the New enlarged Europe


Romanian: native

English: fluent

Italian: fair

Russian: fluent

French:  fair


  • Proficient in Excel, Microsoft Word, SPSS, Power Point, Web Browsers.
  • Extensive international exposure and experience in living and working in a multinational community.
  • Team work, strong communication and presentation skills, energetic, easygoing
  • Client oriented person


Professional networking, Foreign languages, Digital photography, Art, Music, Readings.


Available upon request

Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ro-en, en-ro

Vizionările profilului
MD: 184
NL: 21
US: 1307
GB: 100
DE: 954
RO: 14
AT: 2
CA: 81
FR: 304
RU: 95
NO: 10
LT: 7
: 14
CZ: 9
SE: 8
BE: 2
HK: 3
CN: 6
ES: 1
JP: 6
IE: 8
IT: 12
IN: 1
EE: 1
ZA: 1
IR: 2
GR: 6
NG: 3
LB: 1
UA: 21
CH: 1
SK: 2
MK: 2
PL: 2
TR: 5
LU: 1
SI: 1
SN: 5
FI: 4