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Tanya Maliovana

Tanya Maliovana

Membru ATP
Partenerul tău de traduceri din limbile rusă și engleză (Russian-English-Russian interpretation)

Languages: Russian, English

Contact information:
email: tmalevana@yahoo.com
mobile: +373 69 105202

DoB:            November 1971

May 2002 – 
December 2003    United Nations Office - Geneva, Economic Commission for Europe, Statistical Division, Western Economies and Statistical database Team, Geneva, Switzerland, 
Responsibilities: Statistical assistant

 March 2006 – present                     Free-lance translator-interpreter

 Providing services as a free-lance simultaneous/consecutive interpreter and translator to the following international organizations and local institutions:

-UN MOLDOVA Country office and UN Agencies in Moldova (UNDP, IOM, UNODC, UNHCR, UNECE)-

UNHCHR office Moldova
Contacts: Violeta Fetescu, United Nations Programme Assistant, tel: (37322)269220, 

EBRD Moldova

Contacts: Michelle Sculina, Senior Administrative Officer Tel: +373 (22) 203 457, email: sculinm@ebrd.com

Other professional experience:

February 2008 – May 2010             EU support to Biometric passports for Moldova Project,

EU Contractor: ARS Progetti SRL

Project administrator and short term translator and interpreter for expert’s missions and workshops in Moldova

Contact: Dr. Holger Frommert, Tel: +34 667862147, Email: holger_frommert@gmx.net

May-December, 2007                  EU Support to MIEPO/ MIDA Project (Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organisation),

Short-term translator and interpreter for experts’ mission and organized workshops

Contacts: Carolina Blajin, carolina.blajin@miepo.md

April 16-18, 2007                        European Commission DG SANCO, World Organisation for Animal Health( OIE) – the seminar on EU Veterinary legislation - Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Codes, Standards, International Guidelines and Procedures of the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Contacts: Technical Assistance Information Exchange Instrument of the European Commission, CHAR 03/149, B - 1049 Brussels

Telephone: +3222967307, Fax: +3222966840; http://taiex.cec.eu.int

January-March 2007                    Council of Europe/ SIDA – MOLICO Project against corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing in the Republic of Moldova


December 2006 -                                 Meeting of the Permanent Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA (the International Transport Corridor “Europe-Caucasus-Asia”), Chisinau, Moldova

Contacts: Mr. Eduard Biryukov,

The National Secretary for Moldova, Chisinau, Tel: +37322 743736,  Email: biriucov@traceca.md

October 2006 –                           Moldova Cost of Living Survey preparation for the Economist magazine

Contacts: Mr. Jon Copestake

Editor, Chief Analyst: Cost of Living, Data Services, The Economist Intelligence Unit,

26 Red Lion Square, London, Tel: +44 (0)20 7576 8221, E-mail joncopestake@eiu.com

September 2006 –                        The US Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Sandia National Laboratories,

Local Counterpart – the Republican Training Center on Civil Protection (Department of Emergency Situations),

Orphan Source Search and Secure Program – the program offered the following assistance: equipment, classroom training course, field training and exercises,

Contact details: Mrs. Nadya Mamontova,  

Technology Management Company, 14900 Conference Center Drive,

Suite 160, Chantilly, VA 20151

Tel: (703) 961 8651 ext. 120,

email: nadya@tmcservices.com                  www.tmcservices.com

June 2006 -                           UNECE (UN Economic Commission for Europe, Trade Division), the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Moldova,

The Capacity-Building Workshop on the WTO Trade Facilitation Negotiations for WTO Members from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, Chisinau, Moldova

Contact details: Mr Mario Apostolov, Regional Adviser, tel +41229171134, Email: Mario.Apostolov@unece.org

May 2006-                      AITIC (Agency for International Trade Information and Cooperation, Geneva, Switzerland), the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Moldova, the Regional Workshop on WTO Negotiations, Chisinau, Moldova

Contact details: tel: +4122 9103150, +37322 234102, email: ionesii@moldova.md


March 2006  –                                     Case Moldova Foundation, translation of EU regulations, Contacts: Mr Petru Veverita, tel:  +37322 245474,

April 2006 -                                          DFID Project CNTR 05 6648: Evaluation of the Quality of Community Based Social Services – Moldova, translation and interpretation for experts’ mission and organized workshops

Contacts: Mrs. Ann James, ann.james@virgin.net,

Mrs Tatiana Dnestrean, tel: +37369264555


June 2004 – March 2006                 Moldovan wine producing enterprise AWH, Chisinau Moldova

                                                               Responsibilities:                  Assistant to CFO


May 2002 – December 2003       United Nations Office - Geneva, Economic Commission for Europe, Statistical Division, Western Economies and Statistical database Team, Geneva, Switzerland

                                                               Responsibilities: Statistical assistant

               Duties included maintenance, collection and update of data for Population and Labour force statistics; ensure that reliable and up-to-date data on production, costs, prices, exchange rates, interest rates and other assigned macroeconomic indicators for the ECE western economies are regularly collected from national and international sources, stored or updated and documented in the ECE Statistical Database. Definition of the analytical time series and preparation of tables and graphs required for the economic analysis undertaken within the ECE Secretariat in co-operation with other ECE Divisions and to the support of ECE’s publications and public data provision role.


UN Economic Commission for Europe, Statistical Division, Palais des Nations, CH–1211, Geneva 10, Switzerland,

Direct supervisors:

Mr. Daniel Bachmann, UN/ECE/Geneva, Statistical Division, Daniel.Bachmann@unece.org, tel +4122 9174118,

Mr. Roberto Pagan, UN/ECE, Statistical Division,  pagan@un.org

November 2001 – April 2002          DFID Moldova / Social Assistance Capacity Building project

(DFID Contractor: P-E International Consultants Ltd. Partner Institution: The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MLSP)). Project Office Manager.

The purpose of the project is to enhance the capacity of the MLSP and other Ministries to evaluate policy options and to design social assistance strategies that are directed at poverty reduction and promotion of social inclusion. The goal is to stimulate the capacity to develop pro-poor policies that support the Government of Moldova’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Main duties:

-          arrangements for the provision and maintenance of all necessary office equipment and supplies, monitoring IT, telephone, fax and internet equipment,

-          managing and organising travel within Moldova by experts engaged on the project,

-          management of the local bank account, arrangements for payments to locally recruited staff, monthly provision of an account of project expenditures in accordance with the instructions given  by the P-E International,

-          English-Russian and Russian-English interpretation/translation and arrangements for seminars, workshops and conferences (rooms, equipment, production of documents, to arrange and hire interpreters where necessary and etc.)



DFID Contractor:P-E International Consultants Ltd.,

Thamesfield House, Boudary Way, Hemel, Hempstead Herts, HP2 7SR, UK

Project Team Leader -Mrs. Anne Arthur,  tel:+40722494946, aearthur@b.astral.ro


June 2000 – August 2001                 European Expertise Service /Tacis WTO Moldova Implementation Project.

                                                               (EC Contractor: P-E International Consultants Ltd. Partner Institution: The Ministry of Economy and Reforms, Department of Foreign Economic relations, WTO Division). Local Project Manager, Project Accountant.

                                                               The project assisted the Government of Moldova in its efforts to achieve WTO accession and in formulation of country priorities in the post accession period. Duties included administrative and logistical support for the implementation of the programmes of work, including preparation and organisation of seminars and workshops, sourcing of equipment and necessary supplies for the project and WTO Division, financial management and book-keeping including preparation and keeping of project accounts and preparation of monthly project financial reports.

Preparation of special studies for the Ministry of Economy and Reforms, using data from the statistical database and other sources of economical information.


Employer: P-E International Consultants Ltd

Thamesfield House, Boudary Way, Hemel, Hempstead Herts, HP2 7SR, UK

Project Team Leader - Mr. Peter Cocking,  mail@petercocking.co.uk


1997 – 1999                            Tacis Inogate 96.07 Project (Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe)

(EU Contractor: DC MARCATOS -TP LAMNIDES LAW FIRM (ATHENS), Local Partner Institution: the Ministry of Energy). Moldovan office local administrator, project Russian-English-Russian interpreter and translator.

The project objective was Institutional Support and Strengthening of Regional Co-operation for the rationalisation of gas and oil systems between NIS countries (Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) and Western Europe. The target was to elaborate and adopt a Preliminary Draft of an Umbrella Agreement on the Institutional Framework for the establishment of an Interstate oil and gas transportation system for the transportation and trade of oil and gas to Western Europe.



Greece, GR-106 71

Project Director: Mr. Thomas Lamnidis, +306976622320, thomas_lamnidis@kall-law.gr


Tacis, Athens, Greece                        The Second International Workshop of INOGATE 96.07 Project, translator-interpreter.

Tacis, Athens, Greece                        The Third International Workshop of INOGATE 96.07 Project, translator-interpreter.

Tacis, Brussels/Chisinau                                 Moldova-Gas and Brussels Energy sector officials within the context of the Tacis Programme Energy Sector and the Inogate Umbrella Agreement.


LANGUAGES:                            Russian - native,

English - fluent,

Romanian – working knowledge,


Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ru-en, en-ru

Vizionările profilului
RU: 171
MD: 69
DE: 601
FR: 249
US: 1091
CA: 21
CN: 30
GB: 80
: 12
IT: 13
JP: 4
UA: 4
CI: 4
NL: 9
RS: 2
IN: 3
AL: 1
SE: 11
NG: 13
AU: 2
RO: 22
IL: 1
IE: 11
SI: 2
BJ: 1
ZA: 1
LV: 2
GH: 1
BF: 1
AM: 1
GR: 3
TR: 2
AG: 1
TH: 2
SN: 6
DK: 2
IR: 1
UZ: 2
BG: 1
IS: 1
KE: 1
ES: 2
CH: 4
KR: 5
MX: 1
PL: 1