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Angela Glavan

Angela Glavan

Membru ATP
+37369188945, 3732) 44-16-51 (h)
Partenerul tău fidel pentru traduceri din limbile engleză. rusă, română

Contact information:      Matey Basarab 9/2, ap. 10, 2045 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Personal data:               Born October 5, 1967. Married.

Other information:        Adjustable, motivated, sociable, friendly, highly-qualified, capable to work under pressure.

                                     Over 18 years of experience in conference (simultaneous) interpreting on various topics;

 Languages:                  English – Romanian/Russian, Romanian/Russian - English


July 2005 - present   Free-lance Conference Interpreter/Translator

  • US Embassy Military Cooperation Bureau and Legal Support Program – Military-Civil Response to Terrorism; Nuclear and Chemicals Smuggling Program; Forensic and Criminalistic Training for investigation officers and forensic doctors; Lie Detector Training for National Anticorruption Center and Securities and Intelligence Service;
  • Study Visit for prosecutors of the General Prosecution Office of Moldova to South Carolina Training Center for attorneys-at-law;
  • Norwegian Rule of Law Advisiors Mission (NORLAM) to Moldova - legal workshops for prosecutors, judges and lawyers on ECHR and ECtHR caselaw (2007-now);
  • ABA ROLI - Trial Advocacy Skills Seminar for lawyers and prosecutors;
  • E-Governance Center in Moldova conferences on information platform management system, e-signature; Facebook representative workshop;
  • Soros Foundation Moldova – Cultural Policy and National Cultural Development Strategy; European Cultural Foundation study visit to Netherlands;
  • TACIS - Progress on implementation of EU-Moldova Individual Action Plan, including chapters on transportation, energy, environment, education and health;  
  • World Bank Workshop on Project Cycle and Budgeting; Country Portfolio Strategy;
  • CAMIB – Food Processing and Hygiene Requirements
  • Institute for Public Policies and Foreign Policy Association Conferences on Transnistrian Settlement;
  • OECD International Conference on Surface Water Policy Paper for in Moldova;
  • BizPro – Guillotine Law and Regulatory Reform in Moldova;
  • World Health Organization (WHO) workshops on primary, emergency and specialized healthcare in Moldova; Review of the current situation in HIV/AIDS and other STD in Moldova;
  • World Bank – Teleconference on EU and International Accounting Standards and Financial Reporting Requirements; Financial Securities Market Commission;
  • UNICEF – Mission translation for Child Care Houses; Domestic Violence seminar;
  • International Organization for Migration (IOM) - Human Trafficking worshop for law enforcement bodiers and prosecutors; Victims Testimonies;
  • OSCE Workshops on Hate Crimes and Public Unrests, including police actions under such situations;
  •  UNDP/BUMAD Program Workshop on Implementation of International Law on Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance into National Legislation and Training Seminar on Drugs and Smuggled Goods Search Techniques for Moldovan customs officers and border guards;
  • US Embassy Bilateral Affairs Office;
  • REC Moldova Feasibility Study in Water Treatment, Sanitation and Renewable Energy;
  • Council of Europe – Workshop for Investigating Journalists on Investigation Techniques; DCFTA and Association Agreement Workshop;
  • European Institute for Political Studies – Workshop for Young Leaders of Moldova;
  • UNDP Environmental Regulations and Hazard Mitigation Procedures;
  • Meetings of WB expert with representatives of “Banca de Economii” and “Banca Sociala” Commercial Banks of Moldova; Mobiasbanca Shareholders Meeting;
  • WB mission on Social Protection Management Project with its counterparts such as the National Social Insurance House of Moldova, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and the Ministry of Education.


to June 30, 2005 Translator/Interpreter; Manager of Translation Unit

  •            Interpreting at meetings with local producers, farm managers;
  •           Managing and supervising the work of the translation team;
  •            Translating at various meetings and ceremonies with Moldovan and foreign (USAID, US Embassy)    officials, etc.


February 1998 CENTER FOR PRIVATE BUSINESS REFORM (CPBR)   Chişinău, Moldova

to December 2002 Translator/Interpreter; Manager of Translation Unit

  • Translated during the exchange visit of the managers of the agricultural producers associations to the United States, including visits with the USAID officials, American Farm Bureaus and other American Farmers associations;
  •  Interpreting at meetings with the high rank officials of the Republic of Moldova regarding the unfolding of the National Land Program;



February 1998 Capital Markets Development Project/Monitoring Unit (CMMU) Translator/Interpreter


  •  Performed written and oral translations both from Russian into English and Romanian into English for USAID representatives and Government officials;
  •  Translated  documents  into English, including  Instructions on termination of trust companies’ activity, JSC Law, Instructions on issuance of bonds, monthly analytical reports produced by the CMMU, financial analysis of TC and IF activity, etc.


Nov 1994 to PRICE WATERHOUSE,LLP  Chisinau, Moldova

June 1996   Translator/Interpreter

  •  Translated various documents: Amendments to the Regulationson the Register of Bondholders and Shareholders,Instructions on the reports and financial statements for investment institutions, Examination Checklist and Compliance Examination Manual  for share registry maintenance, Regulations on Coupon Investment Funds, monthly financial analysis, etc.


Jan 1992  World Bank, Government of Moldova, Moldova Gas Concern,

Simultaneous Conference Translator/Interpreter

  • Provided simultaneous/consecutive translation at seminars and conferences:
  •  Intellectual and Industrial Property Right Protection Seminar organized by the National Agency for Intellectual Property in Moldova;
  •  MEPO –  Export Promotion Seminar;
  •  Social Assistance Fund World Bank Round Table        Generalized System of Preferences and GATT implementation in Moldova;
  • Food safety and control; strengthening of the National Codex Alimentarius Commission in Moldova – organized by FAO;
  •  Moldova’s accession to WTO, TACIS WTO office;
  •   Parliamentary  Workshop on Territorial & Administrative Reform and Local Governments;
  •    New Age Digital Telecommunications and Information System;
  •    Credits and Credit Policy organized by the WB;
  •   Corporate Governance and Shareholders’ Rights;
  •   Meeting organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Black Sea Economic Cooperation and GUUAM issues;
  • WB conference on city planning and infrastructure development;



Moldova State University, International School of Management  Chisinau, Moldova

Diploma of Master in Business Administration, December 2000 - December 2001

Moldova State University, Department of Foreign Languages  Chisinau, Moldova

Diploma of Honor in English Language & English Literature,September 1984 - July 1989.



Romanian (native), Russian (fluent), English (fluent), German (basic).

Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ro-en, en-ro

Просмотры профиля
MD: 389
: 273
RO: 17
CA: 90
US: 2397
CN: 129
BH: 1
DE: 1372
NL: 26
FR: 1177
IT: 22
UA: 43
GB: 147
RU: 366
A1: 1
CH: 7
AT: 2
HR: 24
BE: 23
JP: 14
HT: 1
BY: 2
PL: 6
SE: 129
SC: 1
BW: 1
AU: 2
EE: 4
IE: 9
ZA: 6
NG: 12
LB: 1
PT: 2
CZ: 6
TR: 8
LT: 7
SN: 9
ES: 3
KR: 4
BR: 1
MY: 1
TW: 2
FI: 40
TH: 8
SK: 2
CI: 3
SG: 300
IR: 1
TG: 8
VN: 1
BJ: 1
KZ: 5
AE: 1
BG: 3
LV: 1
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