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Tatiana Fesina

Tatiana Fesina

Membru ATP
+(373 22)  72 13 84; Mobile: 07 952 96 34 ( +373) 79 52 96
Partenerul tău de traduceri din limbile engleză, rusă

Contact information:             Apt. 28, Grenoble street 106 “b” Chisinau, MD-2019 Republic     of Moldova

Key Qualifications: 

Long-standing experience in providing Russian - English - Russian translation/ interpretation services to local and international organisations.

Major areas of interpretation/ translation: General economics, Fiscal and Social sectors, Banking, Finance, Journalism, Politics, Agriculture, Sciences, etc

1969 - 1974                            Chisinau   State  University . Foreign Languages  Department. University Degree in Foreign Languages 

Summer 1994                        Institute for Training and Development, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA. Training course on treasury function

Employment and Professional Experience

September 1993                    OFFICE of the Resident Representative of the International       Monetary Fund to the Republic of                                                          Moldova

A contractor interpreter / translator for visiting IMF missions to Moldova and to the resident mission chief, and to visiting and resident consultants of technical assistance missions. Provide interpretation and translation services. Interpretation during meetings with senior and high government officials at various government agencies, banks, non-government institutions, negotiations, discussions, conferences, etc. Provide translation of memoranda, newsletters, laws and regulations, etc.

April 1995  to present         OFFICE  of  the Resident Representative of the World Bank  A contractor interpreter / translator for visiting WB missions to Moldova, country economist and to the resident mission chief. Provide interpretation and translation services. Interpretation during meetings with senior and high government officials at various government agencies, banks, non-government institutions, negotiations, conferences, parliamentary hearings workshops, (e.g. Workshop on the World Bank procurement regulations – 1997; Workshop in treasury functions for the staff of the Ministry of finance – 1997 held in Chisinau, Moldova); provide translation of various documents. January 2006, 2007 – conference interpreter at seminars on public finance management and medium-term expenditure framework.

January 2007                 Conference  interpreter  at  an one-day event on wine sector development in Moldova (held by CEED project sponsored by USAID).

February 2007                 Conference   interpreter  at a one-day round-table event  discussing the AIDS treatment protocols (held by the Moldova Local Office of the WHO)                                               

February 2007                 Conference interpreter at a three-day event on automation of on automation of documents processing in National Offices for intellectual property rights (held by EAPO, WIPO, Moldova government office for intellectual property rights).  

January2006 to present    OSCE Mission to Moldova, Chisinau. Contractor (conference) interpreter. Provide interpretation services at conferences, workshops on human rights, preparation of human rights report for Moldova, rights of ethnic minorities and minority languages, conflict management and conflict resolution, human rights, role of journalists, interpretation at and summer school for University students from Western Europe, development of the NGO sector in the conflict zones, etc. held in Moldova.

April 2004 to present         Office of the UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova. The REC UNDP for Central and Eastern Europe. Project “Implementation of ECE Protocol on SEA”. Contractor translator / conference interpreter. Provide translation of documents, drafts, parts of SEA manual, reports, strategic assessment of major policy documents, etc., conference interpreter at the kick-off workshop on SEA in Chisinau, Moldova. Provide interpretation services for REC Moldova at international workshops on protection of the Dniester River, atmospheric air quality, etc.

October 2004 to present      International Organization for MigrationContractor Conference interpreter. Provide interpretation services at two international events on information exchange; provide interpretation during interviews with applicants of refugee programs.                                           

2001–August 2003             University  “  Univers Moldova” . Full-time English language instructor for students attending the university. Teaching English to senior and undergraduate students

January 2000 – April 2004    UNDP Project for Poverty Assessment and Household Budget Survey inMoldova. Contractor –translator and conference interpreter. Provided translation of the consultants’ reports, final report, interpretation and the workshops and conferences held in Chisinau, Moldova. 

 2000 - 2004                        Harm   Reduction  Project ( Sponsored by SOROS Foundation and UN CDC), Protection of Conscripts’ Rights Project (Sponsored by SOROS Foundation). Contractor conference interpreter. Provide interpretation services at four conferences and workshops on harm reduction  held in Chisinau, Moldova and translation of various materials. 

May 2005, 2006                     UNESCO Representative Office in Moldova.Conference Interpreter proving services at conferences on “Inclusive Education”, vocational education, Bologna process, etc. 

May  2004, June 2006           The Resident Representative Office of  UNICEF in Moldova.Contractor - Conference Interpreter providing interpretation services at conferences on prevention of IDD in Moldova and in the region. Provided translation of the hand-out materials and documents. 

1995 - 1999                              KPMG  -   Barents Group . Project on Tax Administration reform in the Republic of Moldova (supported by USAID),Chisinau,Moldova. Part-time interpreter / translator. Provided translation of chapters of the Tax Code, manuals, laws, regulations, correspondence, etc, interpretation at workshops, negotiations and discussions with senior and high government officials. Provided services of a conference interpreter at an international conference on technical assistance to the CIS countries  (held by USAID in Istanbul, Turkey, 1999) 

March 1997                            Accounting Reform Projectimplemented by PriceWaterHouse. ChisinauMoldova. Interpreter / translator for the project. Provided translation of various documents, accounting standards and training materials. Provided interpretation services at training sessions.

Languages Spoken

                                               Russian, English, Romanian, German (moderate



Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ru-en, en-ru

Просмотры профиля
MD: 172
: 257
US: 2273
DE: 1354
RU: 341
NL: 27
CA: 102
FR: 1118
CN: 121
GB: 141
BR: 1
IT: 21
CH: 6
AT: 3
BE: 58
UA: 838
JP: 10
RO: 8
OM: 1
VG: 1
AU: 4
GE: 1
GR: 2
IN: 4
EE: 1
IE: 6
AL: 2
AM: 2
TR: 6
ZA: 1
LT: 3
PL: 5
NG: 10
PK: 4
EG: 1
RS: 1
VN: 1
SE: 116
MK: 2
AZ: 1
BY: 3
TH: 6
SN: 9
CZ: 2
KR: 2
FI: 41
GH: 1
CI: 2
ES: 1
SG: 311
FJ: 1
BJ: 1
LU: 1
AE: 2
TG: 4
HK: 4
TJ: 1
KZ: 1
BG: 1