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 Marina Iliceova

Marina Iliceova

+37379520526, (373-22) 75-97-93
Partenerul tău pentru traduceri din limbile engleză, germană şi rusă

Date of birth:                22.12.1979

Address                       Chisinau City , Alba Iulia 5, ap. 109

 Civil Status:                Not married

Goal:                           To obtain full time or part-time employment as a translator of your organization that will  allow me to use my ability to work with                                      people and take advantage of my knowledge of  English and German languages.

Education:                  1993-1997- Theoretical Lyceum, town of Tiraspol,  Chemical- biological faculty. Have awards for studying German,  Language and                                    winning the competition on German language in  Moldova

                                   1997-2000 - College of Foreign Languages,  Univers Moldova, Chisinau City.The Diploma of higher short course education 

On profile:                  Philology 

Specialization:           Applied Linguistics

Speciality                   Translator and Interpreter of English and German Languages

                                   2005 – till nowadays – Universitatea de Instruire Continua Chisinau City.

On profile:                  Finance

Specialization:           Economist

Work Experience: ,     Job Placement at “The Business Center Of Moldova”,Year 2000, Chisinau City

                                  July 2000 - December 2000  the firm “ROXANA”, Russia -the firms deals with    domestic equipment supply. Translator of                                             English and German Languages.

                                  December 2000 - April 2002 (2 years), The “Finbarn”  firm. Translator of English and German Languages.

                                  May 2002 - August 2002     Translation Bureau “Alistercom” SRL. Full-time translator / interpreter  of English and German                                             Languages

                                  September 2003- until today Agroex SA agricultural and industrial firm. Translator and Interpreter of English and German                                             Languages.

                                  May 2004 – till nowadays    Subsidiary  undeclared occupation –  “Aladin”  SRL  Manager-Translator / Interpreter.

Language combinations:

                                  English – Russian – English – oral and written translations – fluently,             German – Russian – German – written translations                                   only - fluently

Hobbies:                     I use my free time to my self-perfection. I like reading books and Theatre.  Literary translation from and into English is my hobby.

References:                available upon request             

Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ru-ro, ru-de, en-ru, de-ru

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MD: 78
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US: 1707
DE: 1269
NL: 22
RU: 278
GR: 1
CA: 77
GB: 124
FR: 985
CZ: 3
CN: 34
IT: 14
JP: 10
IE: 5
AU: 2
RO: 6
ZA: 1
NG: 3
SE: 119
MK: 2
SN: 9
KR: 4
SG: 310
FI: 38
RS: 1
PL: 2
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JO: 1
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UA: 4
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