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Elizaveta Onofreiciuc

Elizaveta Onofreiciuc

Presedinte a Comisiei de Atestare
+37322477605, home , +373 22 57 76 10
Partenerul tău pentru traduceri din limbile engleză, româna, rusă

Date of Birth:      September 22, 1963

Citizenship:        Republic of Moldova

Marital status:     Married, (husband and daughter)

Address              2044, 107 Colonita Str., Chisinau, Republic of Moldova:

Place of work:    State University of Moldova, English Philology Department, senior lecturer, currently working at Ph.D., Institute of  Education Sciences- teacher trainer.

Languages :       Romanian – native, English – professional, Russian -fluent Education:


Teachers Training Institute, Balti, Moldova


Advanced English Course with Elizabeth Johnson Organization from England, location: Kapaonik, Yugoslavia

1992 - 1997        

Postgraduate Studies in English Philology 


English Language Simultaneous Translation Workshop Linguistic Centre, Iasi, Romania Working Experience: I have interpreted for different organizations, as followas


Helsinki Committee and OSCE delegations to Tiraspol and Comrat.


a) Abts Associates Inc., USA, a workshop on Medical Reform,

b) United Nations Population Fund,              

c) World Health Organization, workshop on Family planning and Reproductive Health Care,                          

d) UNDP, WHO  -   a workshop on LEMON Project,

c) Council of Europe,  International Conference on Journalism.


a) TACIS, a Project on VET reform, Ministry of Education, 

b) The Government of Moldova and Greek Centre ELKEPA, Workshop on Policy Making and Decision Taking.                         

c) Soros Foundation Moldova, a four day seminar on Rupestrine Monuments,                         

d) Catalan TV, the live interview with the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. 


a) ETF, National Observatory of Moldova, worksh

b) UNDP, Human Development Project,

c) Centre for Women’s Health “Dalila”, workshop,                  

d) Moldovan - Greek Enterprise “Terminal”                             

e) World Bank Seminar on Health reform,                              

f) UNDP agricultural seminar                                                

g) Development Planning and Public Administration Academy, a two weeks  seminar on Public Administration                          

h) Ministry of Environment and Ecology, a seminar on water resources


a) UNESCO/TACIS seminar on teaching standards                    

b) World Bank Project on Social Investment, MSIF                  

c) European Union’s workshop on Danube Space                    

d) WIPO regional conference on Patent Office Management              


a) Medical Conference of the Jewish Cultural Centre in Chisinau.

b) FAO seminar on Codex Alimentarius with Centre of reventive Medicine                          

c) Red Cross Seminar on Medical Assistance in Moldova Nov


USAID – Moldova General Energy Reform Project


 a) Council of Europe and ministry of Education Conference on National Minorities Rights.                          

 b) International Conference on One Man’s Show  Theatres 


UNDP seminar on electric power tariffs


UNFPA New Logo Launchin Council of  Europe Seminar on Language Portfolio


Council of Europe Seminar on Teaching History Official visit of the President of Israel in the Republic of Moldova                          

Council of Europe seminar on Language Policies 

The 4th General Assembly of Black Sea Capital Cities  Professional Membership:

1.An active member and one of the organizers of the English Speaking Union Moldova.

2.An active member and one of the founders of the TESOL Association of Moldova.

3.Member of the Association of Professional Translators, Republic of Moldova.

Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ro-en, ru-en, en-ro, en-ru

Просмотры профиля
RU: 400
US: 1971
FR: 1029
MD: 228
CN: 63
GB: 126
CA: 70
IT: 14
DE: 1289
RO: 10
: 99
MX: 3
JP: 11
TR: 3
CO: 2
NL: 13
UA: 14
BF: 3
CI: 12
AU: 6
NG: 14
IE: 3
EE: 1
SI: 1
HK: 2
GH: 1
ZA: 3
SE: 120
TG: 8
HU: 3
TH: 3
ID: 2
HR: 1
LV: 1
VN: 3
BJ: 7
SN: 10
FI: 36
KR: 1
DK: 2
BE: 21
PL: 3
CH: 14
ES: 6
IN: 2
SG: 276
AE: 1
CZ: 1
NO: 2
LT: 6
BZ: 1
BY: 1
VE: 2
MA: 1
KZ: 1
BG: 1