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Maria Postevca

Maria Postevca

Membru al Comisiei de atestare
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Partenerul tău pentru traduceri din limbile engleză, română, rusă

44, Zelinski street,
apt. 113, Chisinau,
Republic of Moldova

Professional Background:

Oct 1999 - Present time Translator and Interpreter (Eng- Rom- Russ)
“Expertiza” Ltd. , Chisinau, Rep. of Moldova

Sep 1992


Sep 1999

Senior teacher
State University of Moldova, Institute of Continuous Studies

University of Humanities, Foreign Languages Dept, Law Dept.

Sep 1989
Sep 1992
Teacher of English
Secondary school No. 32

Jan 1980

Sep 1989

Translator of technical-scientific literature (Eng- Russ)
Moldova State University, Faculty of Physics - Specialized Technical Bureau “Opto-Electronica”


Jun 2002
Jul 2002
The English Speaking Union, International Summer Conference
Oriel College, Oxford, UK
May 1995 Peace Corps Language Tester Training Workshop
US Peace Corps, Chisinau, Moldova
Oct 1993
Nov 1993
Advanced English for Secondary School Teachers
Soros Foundation contest, University of Edinburgh, UK

References concerning translation/ interpreting experience:

Freelance simultaneous and consecutive interpreter with UNDP, UNICEF , EU Delegation, GIZ (GTZ), SIDA, USAID, ILO, IOM, OSCE, etc. missions, seminars, conferences in education, medicine, IT, business, agriculture, food, environment, energy complex (energy efficiency), public services,  finance, economy, insurance, human rights, gender equality issues, social issues
Latest  (2009-2014) interpretation experience:

GIZ – July 2010 –2014. “Modernization of Local Public Services in Moldova (water and sanitation; solid waste integration management; energy efficiency; regional and local roads)” – 5 National Conferences,  several seminars, workshops, round tables, Steering Committee meetings, RDAs (Regional Development Agencies) meetings, expert missions, etc.
Regional Planning and Programming component of MLPS - Simultaneous/Consecutive Interpretation, En-Ro-Ru.
GTZ ENPI Capacity Building Project, R. of Moldova - 10 seminars in November 2008 – June 2010;
GTZ workshop “Pharmaceutical Procurement, Pricing and Reimbursement”, PPRI Project and Procurement , Pricing and Reimbursement in the EU – October 2008;
GTZ – GIZ, Cross- Border Ungheni-Iasi Cooperation Project –  8 workshops within the Project – December 2008 – March 2013;
GTZ – The South-East Europe and Black Sea CBC programmes – an opportunity for Moldova partners in territorial cooperation - March 2009;

04-07 March, 2013 - EU Assessment mission to the Republic of Moldova, EU –Moldova Visa Dialogue, Block 3:Public order and security, II. Cluster: Preventing and fighting trafficking in human beings.
12-15 March, 2013 -  EU Assessment mission to the Republic of Moldova, EU –Moldova Visa Dialogue, Block 3 : Public order and security, III Cluster: Preventing and fighting corruption.

03.07.2012  -  WHO, National Center of Public Health-Communication Strategy/Concept for a nation-wide campaign targeting current and potential tobacco users in RM; Baseline Survey-KAP study : Alcohol Consumption Effective Communication in Preventing Harmful Effect of Alcohol  - Simultaneous interpretation, English-Romanian, Russian-English.
10-20 .05.2012 Fred Hollows Foundation(UK) and HelpAge International, and Ministry of Health, RM  -  Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness (RAAB) Training for ophthalmologists & senior residents; Conduct of a RAAB investigating Eye Care RAAB random field assessment in Moldova – Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, English-Romanian, English-Russian.
17.10.2011- WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control  as part of  National Development and Health Policy & Programme under UNDAF in the Republic of Moldova – Simultaneous interpretation, English-Romanian.
11-14.04.2011 – WHO Euro mission on planning a survey on access to medicines in RM - Consecutive interpretation, English-Romanian, Russian-English.
4 FAO missions to the RM National Bureau of Statistics on the preparation of General Agricultural Census from 2010 (7 – 20 September 2009,  2 missions in 2020-2011, 2 missions in 2012- September and November);
FAO and Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry – Seminar on Food Chain ”Animals and Animal Origin Products”- January 2008;
FAO – 2 seminars on the Support to the Emerging Food Business Sector in RM – July and August 2008. Simultaneous interpretation, English –Romanian.
FAO – Seminar on International Standards in Pesticides – April 2009;
FAO IPM Programme – International Plant Protection Convention – June 2009;
FAO - Training to Improve Prevention and Control on Avian Influenza,  14 – 18 June, 2010; Simultaneous interpretation, English –Romanian.
World Bank, FAO, SIDA - Moldova Land Re-Parceling Pilot Project, (2007-2009); and  Moldova Land Re-Parceling Project (2009-2010) – 5 workshops in the years 2008-2010; Simultaneous interpretation, English –Romanian.
Ministry of Agriculture - Seminar : Composite Food Products (Animal Health Risks from Imports – Moldova Principles in EU Trade Livestock) Simultaneous interpretation, En-Ro.
Workshop on the Methodology of Import Risk Assessments for Animal Diseases. Simultaneous interpretation, En-Ro.
1 Mission on Agriculture and Food Products – April 2008;
Seminars: Events on Foot–and-Mouth Disease and Lessons Learned – June 2008. Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro-Ru.
Regulation on Coordination and Monitoring of the External Assistance for the Agro-Industrial Complex of RM – July 2008. Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro-Ru.
GEF Grant No. TF 055292 –Renewable energy from agriculture wastes.
Simultaneous interpretation, En-Ro.
Consecutive and simultaneous interpreter
European Commission
DG SANCO Mission, Food and Veterinary Office,
DG SANCO Mission to inspect the Public Health and Animal Health in the Republic of Moldova

UNDP-Ministry of External Affairs -The Presidency of the Republic of Moldova to the South-East Cooperation Process (SEECP) – Meetings of the:
-    SEECP Presidents of the Courts of Accounts;
-    SEECP Energy Conference;
-    Regional Cooperation Council;
-    SEECP Ministers of Economy;
-    Ministers of Agriculture;
-    Ministers of Tourism;
-    Ministers of External Affairs;
-    Ministers of Justice and Internal Affairs;
-    Ministers of Education;
-    Ministers of Health;
-    SEECP Countries Prime-Ministers, Sep. – Nov. 2008;

Simultaneous interpretation, English -Romanian.

Ministry of Defence of R. Moldova –  2 seminars “Introduction to NATO Logistics –overview on NATO Logistics policy, principles, doctrine, procedures and structures” – (27February - 01March; 04-07 June,2012) ,  LTC Hamontree, Mr. Chip Bates; Simultaneous/Consecutive interpretation, English-Romanian.
Ministry of Internal Affairs of R. Moldova, Carabinier Troops Department : European Commission-TAIEX-Beneficiary Partners. Workshop on Improving the conflict situations management during major public events susceptible of violent actions (01-03 February 2011) Simultaneous interpretation, English-Romanian.
OSCE and Ministry of Defence  - 2 missions to Moldova on Cluster Munitions Stockpile Destruction, December 2009 and May 2010  - Mr. Lee Moroney, United Nations Mine Action Service . Consecutive interpretation, English-Romanian.
OSCE and Ministry of Defence of RM – “Cluster Munitions Stockpile Destruction” – Phase 1 - (Research & Development) – 12-22 Dec. 2009;
“Cluster Munitions Stockpile Destruction” – Phase 2 –  Practical Workshop for Moldova Deoperators Team   ‘Destruction of Airborne Cluster Bombs’ - 19-22 May 2010. Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro.

BUMAD Programme and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova – Training Course in Criminal Strategic  Intelligence Analysis – 12-23 November, 2007. Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro.

BUMAD Programme and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova – Training Course in Tactical  Intelligence Analysis 02-13 March 2009. Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro.

2008 – 2010

UNDP, UNFPA, International Organization for Migration, Government of Japan – Launching of the Project “Protection and Empowerment of Victims of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence in Moldova” – November 2008; Simultaneous interpretation, English -Romanian.

UNDP- Project Launching Event , Inception Workshop - “Improving Coverage and Management Effectiveness of the Protected Area System of Moldova”. Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro.

UNDP - 7-th Meeting of the EU-Moldova Subcommittee No. 4 “Energy, Environment, Transport and Telecommunications, Science and Technology, and Training and Education” – June 2009.
UNDP – PPP Development Project -March 2008.

UNICEF – 1 Seminar on Child Adoption – April 2008;
Mission of the University of North Carolina Specialists – Water Quality and Health Education – October 2008; Simultaneous interpretation, English –Romanian.
UNICEF – Mission on HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy Elaboration- May 2009. Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro.

WHO – UNICEF Mission of WHO consultants in Documenting the Experience of Youth Friendly Health Services in Moldova - May 2009. Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro.

OSCE and The Department for Penitentiary Institutions of R. Moldova -Twinning Project for the Reform of the Penitentiary System :
1.    Procedures of Preparation of Pre-sentence Reports for the Probation Service – 9 - 10 Dec. 2009;
First workshop on the Procedures of Pre-sentence Reports for the Probation Service –11-15 Jan. 2010 . Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro.
SIDA – 2 missions in the frames of Pilot Energy Saving Projects (“Termocom” Co. Reform). Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro-Ru.

World Bank Public Financial Management Project for Moldova - Component 2: Transformation of Financial Control into Internal Audit Functions - 3 Missions in April, June, July 2008;
Component 3 – Sustainable Institutional Training Capacity to Develop Civil Servants’ Skills in Key Areas of Public Financial Management (SIPU International), Seminars on:
Organisational Management - 2 seminars (General course and TOT);
Macroeconomic Forecasting and Planning – 2 seminars (General course and TOT);
General Procurement (general course) October 2008;
Public Finance Management (general course and TOT) –November 2008;
Ministry of Finance – Internal Audit (SIPU International) – March 2009;
Consecutive interpretation, En-Ro-Ru.

European Commission Delegation to the Republic of Moldova – 2 Transport and Energy Meetings with IFIs in Moldova –September and November 2008.  Simultaneous interpretation, En-Ro.

Electronic Press Association - Round Table with Moldova Audiovisual Committee, mass-media representatives, Independent Press representatives,
Eurasia Foundation –National Conference “Media Actions for Electoral Education”- January 2009;
Eurasia Foundation – ”Coalition for Free and Fair Parliamentary Elections 2009” - Meetings, Round Tables with Donors – 4 events in November 2008 – April 2009;
Eurasia Foundation – Coalition 2009 – “Lessons Learnt”- Post-Elections Round Table of Coalition 2009 members - TV channels, Radio stations and newspapers – May 2009.
Eurasia Foundation –Training ”Pre-Electoral TV Debates: legal and professional requirements” – July 10, 2009;

Ministry of Health – Seminar on the Development of a Strategy to Increase Health Insurance Coverage in the Republic of Moldova – November 2008;
Ministry of HealthGTZ (German Technical Cooperation Agency) -
Joint Pilot Project in the Federal Ministry of Health, Germany, and the German Development Cooperation to enhance the availability of pharmaceuticals in post-communist countries;

GGM National Conference –December 2008;

Nov 3, 2005




October 20, 2005

Simultaneous interpreter, (Eng<->Rom);
Joint reunion of the Heads of the Supreme Councils and Heads of the Intelligence Services of GUAM States;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

Simultaneous interpreter, (Eng<->Rom);
“Progresses in the Strategy for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction” - Intermediary Report;
 Round Table Discussion on the promotion of structural reforms – RM Government Authorities and Partners for Development Representatives – WB, IMF, UNDP, USAID
October 07, 2005 Simultaneous interpreter, (Eng<->Rom);
Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) and Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB),
International Business Forum “Moldova Open to Collaboration”, Chisinau
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, RM
September 28, 2005 Simultaneous interpreter, (Eng<->Rom<->Russ);
South East Cooperative Initiative (SECIPRO),
Twenty fifth meeting of National Committees for the Simplification of Rules and Practices in Administration, Commerce and Transport in Southeast Europe, Chisinau
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, RM
July 06-08, 2005 Interpreter, (Eng<->Rom<->Russ);
FAO Mission to the Republic of Moldova (Experts – Mrs. Maraica Draysdell and Mr. David Cedick)
July 08-10, 2005 Interpreter (Eng<->Rom<->Russ);
Council of Europe, The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities
Local Election Observation Mission to the Republic of Moldova
May 19-20, 2005 Simultaneous interpreter, (Eng<->Rom<->Russ);
Council of Europe
National Training Strategy for Local Government in Moldova, Round Table

April 4-9, 2005
July 19-21, 2005
Oct 12-13, 2005








Feb 14-18, 2005

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreter, translator, (Eng<->Rom<->Russ);
Sweden International Development Agency
Visits from SIDA HQ (Stockholm) – (Lennart Bondesson, Bo Tengnas, Jordan Bergman) related to:
1. Swedish Government Support to Issues related to Moldova Food Safety, Food Standards, WTO and EU Integration;
2. Pilot Energy Saving Projects (Termocom Reform, renewable electric sources);
3. Moldova Fiscal Cadastre;
4. Development of Rural Crediting System

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreter Department for International Development (DFID), UK Embassy in Moldova - DFID Evaluation Mission on “First Moldova Social Investment Fund Project (MSIF-1)”
Feb 8, 2005 Simultaneous interpreter, (Eng<->Rom<->Russ);
Tele-Radio Moldova Public Company; “Organizing Pre-electoral Public Debates” training; BBC specialist – Mr. Arwell Ellis Owen Interpreter, (Eng<->Rom<->Russ);

October 1-5,2004


October 11-13, 2004

Interpreter –Community Connections Program
 Seminars: Strategic Planning; Project Management Basics; Roadmap for Success

Interpreter – Community Connections Program - Center for Social and Economic Development - Interviews of candidates to participate in the programs:
1. Public health
2. Media as a critical element of civil society
3. NGO sustainability beyond funding
The Programs’ goal is to facilitate opportunities for Moldovan citizens to gain practical experience in the US.
April 15, 2004 Interpreter
UNESCO-United Nations Theme Group on Education For All - International Team Meeting
April 21-24, 2004 Interpreter and Translator
Organizing the Qualitative Data on Economic and Social Impact of the Agricultural Land Privatization - seminar
March 23-25, 2004 Simultaneous Interpreter
UNDP - Early Warning and Preventive Measures – Workshop for Moldova Ministry Authorities, Public Authorities, Mass-Media
January 2004-
-June 30, 2005
Simultaneous Interpreter, translator
 “Strengthening International Relations Offices” - TEMPUS Project at three Moldova Universities –Moldova State Agrarian Univ., Moldova State Technical Univ., Moldova State Medical and Pharmaceutical Univ.
January 23- 27, 2004 Interpreter (Eng<-> Rom<->Russ)
Caritas Charity Association Mission - “Initiativa Civica” NGO
November 25-26, 2003 – February 16-20, 2004 – present time Interpreter, translator (Eng<->Rom
“Young and Free” NGO -
“Moldovan NGO-s against Drugs” - Project
of the RNS (Sweden National Association for a Life Free of Drugs) – 3 seminars: (November 25-26, 2003; February 16-17, 2004; April 29-30, 2004); and one expert mission - February 18-22, 2004)
November 18-19, 2003 Simultaneous Interpreter
The 4-th edition of the Forum of Moldova NGOs ”Democracy and the Civil Society”
September 29- 30, 2003 Simultaneous Interpreter
The 4-th General Assembly of the Black Sea Capitals Association, Chisinau
July 2003

June 2003
Interpreter (Eng<->Rom<->Russ)
Moldova and EU Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) related Projects, Moldova

“Elaboration of the Skills-Based Health Education”, UNICEF Seminar

Sep. 27-Oct 1, 2004


May 12 -21, 2003


November 2002

WHO and UNICEF seminar: «Management of Newborn Problems”

WHO and UNICEF Evaluation Mission on the Measles and Rubella Immunization Campaign in the Rep. of Moldova

Evaluation Mission on “Perinatal Protocols Elaboration”, WHO and UNICEF

Sep 2002

Mar 2003

Interpreter, translator
TACIS - “Support to the Development of Agricultural Education, Research and Advisory Services” Project FDMOL 9901
Nov 2001
Jun 2002
Translator, interpreter
World Bank, TACIS Project -ACSA (Agency for Training and Consultancy in Agriculture)
Interpreter and translator
UNDP, Human Rights Centre, training seminars on human rights protection
Nov 2000
Jun 2001
Interpreter and translator
USAID – Moldova General Energy Reform Project
Sep 2000
Apr 2001
Interpreter and translator
AGRO-inform - STOAS Project AGREX NGO
Sep 1998
Dec 2000
World Bank and Ministry of Education and Sciences - “Moldova General Education Project for Textbook Publication and Curriculum”
References Available upon request
Specializations: translation, consecutive
Languages: ro-en, ru-en, en-ro, en-ru

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