Winter holidays marked by the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

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Winter holidays marked by the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova

Every year, late in December we, members of the Association of Professional Translators, come together to celebrate the winter holidays. Similar to what so many other people do during holidays, it is nice to see each other again, to recall memories, to joke, to sing carols, to see how much our children have grown and to celebrate.

This year was as enjoyable as it used to be in previous years and yet it was different. Each participant placed small gifts under the Christmas tree in an attempt to make a pleasant surprise to some other colleague present at the festivity. Then, another novelty was to discover some unexpected talents among our colleagues. For example, Maria Muleavin (Pelin), together with her sister Veronica, performed several songs accompanied by the guitar. One more surprise came from Svetlana Ivașcenco, a recent member of the Association, who proved to also be a very skilled crocheting person. She displayed several units of her work in the hall and then, with a sincere generosity, distributed them as gifts to a number of lucky colleagues.

The children, as usual, amazed us with their performances. Elena Bivol’s nephews were the most courageous ones and opened the gala of amateur performers. Sandu Conovca, the next on the “stage,” willingly sang some carols, recited lyrics and even shared with us an updated version of the Christmas legend. His sister Marina Conovca, not long ago a naughty little girl, at this festivity behaved like a young lady and recited some profound lyrics, relevant for the event.

Brothers Tudor and Cristian Cozma, sons of our colleague Diana Șestacovshi, were a little cunning and, instead of caroling live, chose to play one of their recorded performances. We were delighted to see the Сozma-Șestacovschi family present in corpore at our event. It is not the first time that Mr. Artur Cozma helps us in organizing such events! We owe him the pleasure of tasting a delicious glintwein during the festivity and thank him whole-heartedly.

We, all the other participants, tried to also do our best in caroling. And it turned out quite well, given that the organizers (see their names below) made available the lyrics of several well-known carols. We were very proud of ourselves to sing the “Tannenbaum” in 4 foreign languages, the way it is expected from a multilingual group of translators.

There was also a time dedicated to our colleagues’ sharing of their individual feelings, achievements and important events in their lives, both the joyful ones and the ones that caused them sadness. It is very normal to do this among good friends. The relationship between the members of the Association, cultivated with zeal for years, has made the Association the very place where one can meet good friends.

And now it is high time, maybe a little late, for extending thanks. Better later than ever - the saying goes. The thanks go to members of the Board of Directors Alina Abramovici, Diana Shestacovschi, Ala Mătăsaru and to our Press Officer Lilia Botnariuc who acted similar to some hard-working bees and in a few hours have lay down and decorated with much inspiration the festivity table with so many nice and tasty things. Of course, many participants have also contributed to increasing the abundance of goodies on the table, in the way we usually do. Also, it goes without saying that it was our secretary Nadejda Pojoga who with her skilled hands made the festivity table looking great.

In such a way, with joint efforts, we managed to build up a holiday disposition, able to generate special experiences for the present translators. The final conclusion was that the most pleasant holiday is the one spent with the beloved ones and with everybody’s participation.

Eleonora Rusnac,
Honorary President of ATP Moldova

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