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O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Summary of the Webinar Results Held by the ATP Moldova During Current September-October

Starting with current March, the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP Moldova) proceeded to adjusting its activity to the new social realities, i.e. members of the ATP Moldova started providing online interpretation services, like many other professionals in their respective fields. It seemed appropriate for the Administrative Council of the Association to initiate in September-October a series of online webinars titled "Get Acquainted with a Translator". It was our first experience and we are glad that it became a success.

 This can be proved by the impressive number of people who attended the event (about 100 persons). Besides, in their ’feedbacks’, participants noted usefulness of this event. Their appreciation was not a mere act of politeness towards ATP Moldova. For the most part, translators working in different public institutions, freelance translators and those planning to become ones welcomed the fact of this event as such. I will quote just a few of the participants’ positive feedbacks:

It was a useful project. The four translators having made their presentations are true professionals. I have learnt from them some useful solutions for the possible situations I face with in my activities (Eremeev Ion).

This project was a very good idea. We have learnt about requirements and challenges of the labor market (Grădinaru Angela)

The seminar was very useful for the beginner translators! (Poleacov Tatiana)

I really needed these seminars held by the professionals in the field. They were organized at the level that surpassed my expectations (Gamarț Maria).

I’ve learnt about many details referring to the activities of translators and interpreters in the Republic of Moldova, which I can now present to the students of the respective specialty at the Department of Literature of the State University of Moldova (Cupcic Silvia).

We, I mean those from the Administrative Council of ATP Moldova, are very happy with these appreciations. The webinar provided us with several useful ideas regarding the training of translators, this being one of the aspects in the Association’s activity. Thus, we have understood that there is a great need in the training of translators working in the legal field. There also exists a special interest towards simultaneous online translation. General training is also required mainly in the field of technologies and tools used in written translation. You can find below some of the ideas and wishes expressed by the participants.

More exchanges of experience, maybe even simulations of oral translation. (Railean Ana)

Simulation of the exam for obtaining a translator’ license. Simulation of the translation process in courts (Olesea Topal)

It is necessary to link the university training of translators and interpreters with the respective labor market. (Grădinaru Angela)

"Step-by-step" activity of certified translators in the courts (Eremeev Ion)

Practical trainings on problem solving situations based on the translators' experience. (Poleacov Tatiana)

Holding of specialized seminars. Translators working in the legal area seem to be left out of the trainings similar to those held for judges, assistants, etc. (Gamarț Maria) 

The Association will take into account these wishes and, as I mentioned in the closing speech of the first round of webinars, it will aim to organize a new round of this kind of training during current December and January 2021.

We are pleased to note that the translation environment came to know the names of this Webinar protagonists, their names being given in the order, in which they made presentations – Elena Bivol; Svetlana Morarenco; Xenia Andriuță and Alina Abramovici. The Administrative Council of the Association appreciates their efforts and goodwill and thanks them for their contributions.

We very much appreciate the contribution and great efforts of those who organized this event, their names being – Abramovici Alina, Ala Mătăsaru, Diana Șestacovschi and the undersigned Eleonora Rusnac. Their efforts included formulation of the idea and content of the event, ensuring technical support and contacting you, dear participants in the training, and finally yet importantly monitoring the event. We thank them for their goodwill and readiness to help.

At the end of this brief summary, I express my sincere thanks to all the participants in the event for their time and faith in the capacity of the Association of Professional Translators, as well as readiness to cooperate with us.

Eleonora Rusnac, Honorable President of the ATP Moldova


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