Regulation - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane


Chapter I

Article 1- Purpose of the Regulation

The purpose of the present Regulation is to establish the implementation modalities of certain provisions of the statute of the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova. 

Article 2 – Admission of members

To be admitted as a member of the Association, one shall submit an application to the Governing Board, shall pass the qualification test as established by the Attestation Board and shall pay the membership fee in the amount of three payments as established by the General Assembly of the Association.

Only a person whose application has been approved by the Governing Board, has passed the qualification test and has been recorded in the Register of Members of the Association shall be considered a member of the Association.

Article 3 – Certification Services

A fee set by the Governing Board will be paid for the services granted by the Association to its members.

Article 4 – The end of membership status

Each member of the Association has the right to leave the Association at any time. Withdrawal from the association shall be made by written application to the Governing Board.

The end of membership status shall be made according to the provisions of the Statute and shall be approved by the Governing Board.

The end of membership status can also occur as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

Chapter II

Article 5 – Elections chairing of governing bodies

Elections will be managed by the President of the Association.

The deputy president of the Association replaces the president in case of his absence or incapacity. If the Vice-President of the Association cannot preside over the meeting, the General Assembly will choose, from among its voting eligible members, a responsible person to manage the elections. 

Article 6 – Registration of candidates

Before elections the person responsible for the elections will register the nominations of the candidates first for the position of members of Governing Board and then for members of Supervisory Board and also for the position of President of the Association. Nominees will be proposed only by the members of the Association with voting rights. 

Article 7 – Presenting the name of candidatures

The person responsible for the elections will present the list of candidates after end of the registration period for the aforementioned positions.

Article 8 - Ballot

The elections will be held with ballots endorsed by the person responsible for the elections. The ballots will be distributed to all members of the Association with voting rights. 

The voters will vote for the candidate they support.

Article 9 – Vote counting procedure

After voting, the person responsible for elections and the counting board will count the votes and will announce the results.

Article 10 - Checking results

In the case of a contested result, one of the candidates or 25% of the members present at the elections can require the repetition of the vote counting. The vote counting for the second time shall be final. 
The ballots will be destroyed after completion of voting, unless decided in another way.

Chapter III

Article 11- Activity of the Governing Board

The Governing Board elaborates the strategy of the Association.

Under the strategy of the Association, the Governing Board elaborates an Annual Plan of Action in which the main activities, their periods of realization and the persons responsible for the carrying out of the tasks are enumerated and specified. The Plan of Action will be presented to be approved at the General Assembly of Association members.

The Governing Board is responsible for the creation and efficient functioning of the Attestation Board.

Designation of the Press Officer of the Association.

Employment under contract of the secretary of Association.

The Governing Board designates, from among its members or members of the Association, a treasurer and the modality of resources management of the Association.

The Governing Board is convened as needed, and at least once at every two months.

Article 12 – The report

The Governing Board presents a report about its activity during the period for which it has been elected. This report is annual and is presented at the General Assembly at year-end.

Article 13- The President

The president of the Association will be the person who represents the Association and is responsible for it.

The President will have the following functions:
- will represent the Association in its negotiations with partners;
- will chair meetings of the General Assembly and the Governing Council;
- will ensure that the objectives of the Association shall coincide with those established in the Association Statute. The President will also take care of the decisions of the Association bodies to be implemented;
- will authorize, by his or her signature, the expenditure required for the functioning of the Association as well as all other withdrawing money from the bank account of the Association;

Article 14 –Vice-President

The Vice-President of the Board will replace the Association President in the absence or his or her inability to perform his/her duties, taking over all powers and responsibilities in the given period.

The Vice-President of the Governing Board will elect members of the Governing Board by its members.

Article 15 - Decision-makers

Decision makers will be people who are members of the Association Governing bodies. The members of the Association Governing bodies will not be allowed to misuse the name of the association.

Chapter IV
Article 16 – Documents
The Association will maintain an archive which will include the following documents:
            - Statute
            - Attestation Board Regulation
            - Board
            - Code of Ethics
            - Decision on Association establishment
            - Minutes and decisions of Association
            - Minutes and decisions of the Governing Board
            - Minutes and decisions of the Supervisory Board
            - The list of members of the Association bodies, indicating the term for which they were elected
            - List of members of the Association, passport number and their address
            - List of members who have made contributions to the Association funds and the amounts of these contributions

Article 17- Financial records

The Association will maintain the following documents:
- Bookkeeping records, indicating current transactions (contracts, agreements);
- Bookkeeping records which can be the financial balance sheet basis.

Chapter V

Article 18 – External control

Financial operations of the Association are required to be checked by bodies outside the Association at least once a year.

External control may be conducted once a year by an independent audit institution.

External controller will have access to all financial documents. He/she will also have the right to request from the Governing Board any other documents needed for its mission.

The institution which will lead the external control will prepare a report that will be presented to the Governing Board.

Article 19 - Use of Association funds

Association funds must be used exclusively for activities specified in the Plan of Action of the Association or other activities, according to the General Assembly's decision.

Chapter VII

Article 20 - Approval

This Regulation shall be approved by an affirmative vote of 2/3 of members present at the General Assembly.

Article 21 - Entry into force

This Regulation enters into force the day after the approval of the General Assembly.

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