ATP Member's rights and obligations - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

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ATP Member's rights and obligations


ATP Members: Rights and Obligations 

  • ATP members must be highly qualified skilled translators providing services in general areas, as well as in the most frequently requested areas
  • ATP members must be familiar with the structure of the language from (into) which they translate/interpret and have sufficient vocabulary to provide high quality translation/interpreting
  • ATP members must know the peculiarities of translation and interpreting, as well as meet common requirements
  • ATP members must fulfill with dedication their obligations under concluded contracts and refrain from providing poor and/or negligent services
  • ATP members must bear in mind the requirements of confidentiality, loyalty, decency, friendliness, courtesy, impartiality, neutrality in conducting translation/interpreting and be cautious not to show signs of bias, personal prejudices, preferential treatment when translating/interpreting
  • ATP members must show interest for professional growth and development
  • ATP members must act as good colleagues, provide mutual support and help to other ATP members
  • ATP members must contribute to the development and growth of the ATP's professionalism and reputation 

ATP Members' Rights and Obligations 


ATP members have the right to:

  • Attend all general meetings, make proposals and engage in decision-making following established proceedings
  • Elect and be elected to the ATP's management and supervision bodies
  • Enjoy deductions when buying the ATP's publications and materials for professional training and development, or get such publications for free
  • Get deductions or enjoy free training by the ATP
  • Get consulting and support from other ATP members with regard to professional issues or difficulties 
  • Request ATP's help in resolving conflicts or disputes with third parties
  • Use the ATP logo and name for individual professional promotion
  • Be on the translator/interpreter list published on the ATP's webpage
  • Be informed and involved in decision making on amending statutory acts or regulations on the ATP's activity, as well as other internal acts of the ATP
  • attend events organized by the ATP for members 
  • propose and organize events aiming at professional development and financial sustainability of the ATP
  • make donations for ATP’s development


ATP members must:

  • attend all general meetings and engage in decision-making following established proceedings
  • pay membership fees
  • promote ATP whenever possible
  • show loyalty, kindness, friendliness, support in their interactions with other ATP members
  • strive continuously to improve their professional performance
  • share expertise and professional knowledge with other ATP members
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