Testing of Applicants to ATP Membership - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Testing of Applicants to ATP Membership

To prove that they meet the qualification requirements, the applicants willing to become ATP members shall provide specific details and pass a number of tests, as follows:

  The package of documents to be submitted when applying for ATP membership shall include, but not be limited to:

  current CV, including contact details

  1-2 reference letters regarding professional experience

  the copy of the document confirming relevant education

  a letter of motivation, including the applicant's reasons to join ATP

  the copy of the applicant’s ID

  an application to join the ATP 

  The applicant shall provide sample translations from/into his/her working languages

  The applicant shall pass an interview with one or more members of the Attestation Commission, who will test the applicant’s speaking and interpreting skills in his/her working languages

  The applicant shall pass an interview with one or several members of the Attestation Commission, who will test his/her skills and capacities from the viewpoint of general human values and principles.

 The testing of the applicant shall result in conferring him/her the quality of

  • observing member
  • full-fledged member
  • honorary member

New applicants for the positions of observing members and full-fledged members shall be voted by all ATP members at an ATP General Meeting, and the final decision shall be taken by the majority vote of the present members of a meeting with a quorum. One or several members of the Attestation Commission shall present the qualifications of the applicants based on earlier tests and verifications.

 Observing member

Membership will be offered to new observing members for 6 months after joining the organization or for a longer period, depending on the results of examinations and certification tests performed. Once the set period expires, should the new member desire to request full membership, he/she shall provide evidence of increased qualifications as reasons to acquire full membership. Observing members shall be granted full-fledged membership after examining the aforementioned evidence (reference letters, sample translations, invitations to interpret at events, publications, etc.) and interviewing repeatedly by the members of the Attestation Commission. If the evidence provided meets the requirements set for ATP members (see Annex 1), the observing member shall become a full-fledged member.

 Full-fledged member

Full ATP membership is granted to the applicants who have provided conclusive evidence of increased professional qualification and elimination of shortcomings identified at the admission stage. Besides, very highly qualified professionals recognized by organizations and notorious personalities, as well as professionals who provide compelling evidence of flawless professional qualifications (translated and published papers, winning places at professional contests, active contribution to the growth and development of ATP or other similar organizations, etc.) may also become full-fledged ATP members, skipping the status of observing member. Should a full-fledged member be unable to fulfill his/her obligations, the Attestation Commission may grant him/her the status of sympathizing member.

Honorary member

Honorary members of the ATP are the people with extraordinary merits as translators/interpreters, who have achieved notorious success, i.e. people whose membership would enhance the prestige and quality of the organization and that could contribute to the growth and development of other members, as well as to professional training.

Observing members and full-fledged members are required to attend general meetings of the ATP and pay membership fees regularly. 

Membership may be regained by filing an application, upon the decision of the Attestation Commission.

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