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Sanda Iarincovschi

Sanda Iarincovschi

Membru ATP
Partenerul tău pentru traducerile scrise din limbile engleză, română, rusă

 Personal information

First name(s) / Surname(s) Sanda IARINCOVSCHI
Nationality Republic of Moldova

Work experience


July 2008 – ongoing


Part-time Translator-Interpreter


Translate documents upon request, interpret during the meetings with and seminars/workshops conducted by foreign experts.


Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of the RM (ACAP RM), 65, M. Varlaam Str., 4th Floor, Off. 439, Chisinau RM



July 2009 – March 2011

Full-time Translator


Translated legislation, reports and guidelines as per the request of Project International Experts.
Overall I translated about 5,500 conventional pages (1500 characters per page)


IBF Consulting (Belgium), 180, Stefan cel Mare BD, Office 300, Chisinau, RM


Technical Assistance Project titled “Support for the Implementation of the Agreements between the RM and EU”
October 2006 – December 2008



Translated all the Project paperwork, interpreted at meetings, seminars, round-tables


Emerging Markets Group (USA), 202, Stefan cel Mare BD, Kentford Building, 8th Floor, Chisinau, RM


Technical Assistance Project titled “Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis B and C”

August 2003 – May 2006

Project Assistant /Translator/Interpreter/ Training Programme Coordinator


Translated the Project documents, interpreted at meetings, seminars, workshops, coordinated the training programme conducted for Cadastre Engineers across the country


Development Alternatives, LLC (USA), 202, Stefan cel Mare BD, Kentford Building, 5th Floor, Chisinau, RM


Technical Assistance Project titled “Land Privatization Support”

April 1999 – August 2003

Translator/Interpreter/Project Component Coordinator;


Translated Project reports and letters, interpreted at workshops, seminars, round-tables, and meetings, coordinated the implementation of real estate evaluation software in two pilot sites of the RM (Balti and Straseni);


Barents Group/KPMG Consulting/Bearing Point (USA), 202, Stefan cel Mare BD, Kentford Building, 4th Floor, Chisinau, RM;


Technical Assistance Project titled “Moldova Fiscal Reform”.

November 1992 - April 1999

Senior Expert/Deputy Head of Division/Head of Division on Macroeconomic Indicators Forecast


Developed reports on the country macroeconomic indicators for the relevant time-periods; prepared responses on financial issues to letters &inquiries, received from central and local public bodies and from individuals; provided financial data and developed the Budget Chapter for the Moldovan Economic Trends Monthly Report; coordinated and managed the activity of the Division Staff;


Ministry of Economy, 1, Piata Marii Adunari Nationale, 2th Floor, Chisinau, MD-2012, RM


Public sector

Education and training

January 1997 – December 1998

Master of Public Administration;


Public Management, Public Finance, Personnel Management, Research Methods;


University of Georgia, Athens, USA, Department of Public Administration;


Post-graduate Studies;

September 1981 – June 1986



Economics, Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, Accounting, Political Economics, Analysis of Economic Activity;


Technological Institute of Light Industry, Kiev, Ukraine;


Graduate Studies; Diploma (magna cum laude)

September 1976 – June 1980

Teacher of Primary School;


Pedagogy, Psychology, Methodology of Teaching, Romanian and Russian Languages;


Pedagogical College, Orhei, Moldova;


Undergraduate Studies; Diploma (magna cum laude);

Personal skills and competences

Mother tongue(s) Romanian
Other language(s)  

Understanding C2

Speaking C2

Writing C2


Understanding C2

Speaking C2

Writing C2

Understanding: Listening A1 / Reading A2

Speaking A1

Writing A1
Social skills and competences I translated reports on social issues for CASE Moldova and interpreted at workshops on social issues conducted by CreDo Moldova together with international experts from the Netherlands.
Organisational skills and competences I coordinated successfully the implementation of several components (Training Programme, Real Estate Evaluation Software) for different projects, I also replaced the Project Coordinator when necessary, assisted the Office Manager in organising different Project events (seminars, workshops, round-tables, conferences)
Computer skills and competences Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop
Driving licence n/a

Additional information

References available upon request.
Specializations: translation
Languages: ro-ru, ro-en, ru-ro, ru-en, en-ro, en-ru

Profile views
MD: 168
: 207
US: 1940
DE: 1291
CA: 54
NL: 37
RU: 320
RO: 13
GB: 124
FR: 1039
IT: 13
JP: 7
UA: 4
AU: 1
CI: 12
GH: 3
NG: 34
ZA: 5
SN: 19
TG: 7
PL: 3
BJ: 14
EG: 1
ES: 3
SE: 118
LV: 2
IE: 2
GR: 2
KR: 2
FI: 42
SG: 357
EE: 9
ID: 2
BD: 1
LU: 1
CN: 19
HK: 2
AE: 2
IL: 1
BZ: 3
BE: 21
LT: 3
TR: 1
PT: 1
PH: 1
AF: 1
PK: 2
CH: 3
VE: 2
AR: 1
BG: 2
CZ: 1