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Galina Roşcăneanu

Galina Roşcăneanu

Membru al ATP Moldova
Partenerul tău de traduceri din limbile franceză, română, rusă,

     The translator from/into Romanian, Russian, French, English, Roscaneanu Galina, (penname Gabriela Dumitru), home address: street Gh.Asachi 53/2, ap.8, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 2028, home tel.: 28-11-97, 73-82-09, GSM: 0 691 68 234, E-mail :

     I, Roscaneanu Galina, was born in 01.04.1956 in the city of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, in a family of employees. My mother, David Eugenia, born in 1933, is a translator, a writer, and a member of the Writers’ Union of Moldova. My father, David Dumitru, who was born in 1933 and was dead in 2003, was a teacher of physics, astronomy and metrology. 

     In 1973 I graduated from the secondary school N 1 with French profile from the city of Chisinau, at present the French-Romanian secondary school “Gh.Asachi” and I was awarded a golden medal.

     Then I followed my studies at the faculty of French/English languages of the Moscow pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages “Maurice Torez”, now the Moscow Linguistic University. In 1977 for health reasons I moved to the faculty of French language of the Pedagogical Institute “Aleco Russo” in Balti, which I successfully graduated from in 1978.

     After the faculty I taught French and English at the chair of foreign languages at the Pedagogical Institute “Ion Creanga” from Chisinau, now the Pedagogical University, as well as at the homonymous chair of the State Conservatory “G. Muzicescu” from Chisinau, now the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts.

       Then I chose a translation specialization, having by now a work experience in this field of activity of about 30 years. At the beginning I performed literary translations. So I translated from the creation of French and English writers into Romanian, publishing in some magazines and news-papers short-stories by W.Saroyan, S. Maugham, A Camus, J.-P. Sartre, A. Maurois, H.Troyat, E.Dabit, M.Druon and  others.

Recently I translated from French into Romanian the book of the Member of the French Academy A. Peyrefitte “About the miracle in economy”, which was presented at the Publishing House “Cartier” from Chisinau, director Mister G. Erizanu. This work was realized with the support of the French Alliance of Moldova and of the Foundation Soros Moldova.

Now I work as a translator from/into French, English, Russian, and Romanian. I do collaborate with different Publishing Houses and with translation agencies from Chisinau. Having a personal computer at my place, I offer translating services. I also graduated from the computer courses for beginners and advanced, organized at the AESM (Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova) with the support of MACIP (Moldo-american Center for supporting Private Initiative). I manage the computer, having skills in: Windows, Word, and Internet.

       I became a member of the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova, President Madame Eleonora Rusnac. For three years I was elected as a member of the Leading Council of our Association. I am married. My husband, Roscaneanu Ion, born in 1953, is a lawyer; he works at the CBS “Banca Sociala”. My daughter, Roscaneanu Cornelia, born in 1982, is a student of the psychological faculty, the fourth year, at ULIM. We have a grandchild, Miron Marius-Dumitru, born in 24.09.2003.  

Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ro-en, ro-fr, ru-en, ru-fr, en-ro, en-ru, fr-ro, fr-ru

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