School of Professional Translators, 2nd Edition - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

School of Professional Translators, 2nd Edition

29 participants of the School of Professional Translators (SPT) of the Republic of Moldova were awarded graduation diplomas after three months of participation in the intensive training, organized by the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova and the Translation Center "CUBUS Translation".

According to the President of the Association of Professional Translators, Ms. Eleonora Rusnac, the aim of the training was to provide beginner translators with the tools and techniques needed for work and to share the experience and knowledge of the Association members, which will allow them to become good professionals in written, simultaneous and consecutive translations.
The School was opened in an effort to address the issue of more and more persons entering the domestic translation market untrained and providing less than quality products "There is a lot of non-professionalism in this field; there are persons who don’t have the necessary skills to do good translations and this fact worries us because we care very much about the profession of the translator/interpreter and we would prefer that those practicing this work to do it at the highest level", noted Ms. Eleonora Rusnac during the ceremony awarding diplomas to the first graduates of this School.

“The job of a translator has evolvedover time. In the current context, the translation market is forced to adapt to a modern and complex global environmentcharacterized by a higher level of technology development; training of translators and, therefore, increasing the quality of provided services are vital issues for the development of the translations market in Moldova,” states a press release issued by the Association of Professional Translators.

Aliona Brinza-Mihăilă, program coordinator of the School of Professional Translators  informed us that the School of Professional Translators is the first event of this kind in the Republic of Moldova. It is not a classical school in our understanding but a 'know-how" approachto translation, focusing on practical skills to perform three types of translation (written, simultaneous and consecutive). The wishes of participantswere taken into consideration while developing the teaching modules.
It is curious to find out the opinions of the graduates of the first edition of this School and here are their statements:

Daniela Alexeev
I am very pleased that, thanks to the NGOs portal of Moldova,I found the possibility of joining this school and applying for the training. Thereafter, I learned many useful things, which led me to attend the regular training program and, finally, to be the first graduate. No diploma or title motivated me to get here, but the practical applicability of the information, offered by the teachers of the course. Thank you very much for their openness and also thank you to the organizers of the School - as well as many thanks for the opportunity to improve the level of my knowledge of foreign languages.

This School for training in translation turned out to be very useful for me, since I was looking just for such an opportunity. With the help of internet, I found it andI'm glad that this was not a simple course but a very well prepared one that answered all my needs and expectations. In fact, everybody chooses the form of continuous training that he/she wants to follow. What I appreciate most of all with regard to this school is the fact that it helped me to overcome many psychological barriers related to the translation profession.

Marina Ambrosi
I joined the School of Professional Translators to get an assessment of the level of my professional skills in translation. I workedas a unauthorized translator for many years andhave work experience,but the license for the translator activity will ensure me professional growth.

Information prepared by Victoria Tataru,  ONG.MD