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O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Soulful soiree event with ATP members

ATP Moldova’s newly elected Board organized a soulful soiree as its first activity event. It was held this year on March 10th. Two event goals were set: 1) to mark spring’s arrival by celebrating Mărţişor and International Women’s Day and 2) to integrate newcomers into ATP Moldova’s friendly family. Both goals were successfully achieved.

Despite the fact that the number of participants was not large, the atmosphere was pleasant and cheerful. Perhaps it was due to the funny games offered and performed by organizes or the delicious food provided by participants. Perhaps the attendees caught the holiday spirit and happily participated in celebration. The fact is that everyone enjoyed the time at the event.

The attached photographs amply confirm the above said subject. First of all the participants had to get to know each other. Yes, yes!  Although we work side by side for many years, few people know that a daughter of our colleague will become a singer. And less than few know that Elena Bivol studies through correspondence and wants to obtain her degree in Nutrition Science. Eleonora Rusnac practices yoga and has a lot of knowledge of yoga. The activity could take longer time as the participants wanted to get to know more about their colleagues, but the time was restricted as there were other interesting events to come.

The creativity exercise, namely a funny version of the legend of Mărțișor, made us laugh at the stories made by two teams. It was very funny to find out that both teams chose our politicians as the protagonists in their stories. Both teams became winners as every participant got mărțișor presented by the organizers.

The beauty contest became the event’s key moment. Do not be surprised! After we saw our colleagues walking on the podium, we are convinced that there are so many beautiful women in ATP Moldova!!! Do you know who judged the contest? The children who were at the event! According to them their mothers are the most beautiful women. Who can dispute the truth?

There were many other contests, useful for translators that required attention and concentration. But this time it was a joke and all had a lot of fun and wondered that even simple counting requires certain skills. All food contest participants were awarded because no food were left on the tables as all food was eaten. 

The presentation on nutrition, performed by Elena Bivol, sounded after the food contest a little ironic. It was decided to appoint another meeting for this presentation when participants are more concentrated on serious topics.   

There was a special guest present at the event: Lidia Dogaru, a well known and very experienced translator.  It is a sigh [sign] that the list of ATP members will increase soon. Welcome, Lidia!

Eleonora Rusnac

President of ATP Moldova

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