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Derivolcov Stela

Derivolcov Stela

Membru ATP
Partenerul tău de traduceri din limbile engleză, rusă şi română



+373 235 28 370 / +373 68 77 99 86

Skype: sderivolcov

Sex FEM | Date of birth 11/12/1977 | Nationality Republic of Moldova





25-28 April 2017

Statistics Sweden mission in Moldova on the production of Financial Account in the Republic of Moldova – data sources, data quality, methodological issues (ESA 2010 methodology) Interpreting (oral, consecutive/simultaneous RO/ENG/RO)

National Bureau of Statistics Chisinau, MD-2019, street Grenoble 106, , National Commission of Financial Market, National Bank of Moldova, Ministry of Finance


23 November 2016

Launching Conference of regional GDP, Interpret (oral, consecutive RO/ENG/RO)

National Bureau of Statistics   Chisinau, MD-2019, street Grenoble 106, Conference on the launching of Regional GDP (ESA 1995 Methodology); EU Delegation Project “Improved regional statistics in the Republic of Moldova ”


22 June 2016

National Workshop "Harmonization of the demand and supply of regional statistics”

National Bureau of Statistics   Chisinau, MD-2019, street Grenoble 106  RO/ENG/RO simultaneous interpreting


7-8 June 2016

Training course on “Use of disparity index for regional development policy”

Consecutive interpreting RO/ENG/RO


09 June 2015

Workshop on concepts and data requirements for regional accounts

Consecutive interpreting RO/ENG/RO





Senior Advisor, Policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation

2013 –present

National Bureau of Statistics Chisinau, MD-2019, street Grenoble 106,


  Development and coordination of institution level strategic documents and plans;

  Monitoring and reporting of implementation of national and international strategies and plans in statistics;


Business or sector Statistics/International Relations/Strategic p Planning

Member of the Eurostat Task Force  for the development of “Strategy for Statistical Cooperation in the ENP-East Region 2014-2020”


1999 –2013

Senior Assistant, International Relations and European Integration unit


National Bureau of Statistics   Chisinau, MD-2019, street Grenoble 106,


  Coordination of project implementing activities of technical assistance programs  (TACIS-EU, SIDA, DFID);

  Logistical assistance in the organization of national and international workshops/trainings/conferences;

  Translation of working documents and correspondence;

  Written/oral consecutive/simultaneous translation and interpreting during the workshops/conferences/study visits/missions organized in NBS or with the participation of NBS specialists.

Business or sector Statistics/International Relations/Project implementation/Interpreting





Master in Political Science

State University of Moldova, Chisinau

  Concepts of global development, Parliamentary Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy, International conflicts and crisis

  Abilities of analysis and research in the area of political science/international relations




License in Political Science

State University of Moldova, Chisinau

  Political science, international relations, English, History

  Abilities of analysis and research in the area of political science/international relations



1992-1995 Bachelor Degree, Humanitarian sciences

Romanian language



2-4 May 2017

Training on Product-based planning in statistical agencies


18-21 July 2016

Training on Quality Management in Statistics, Tbilisi, Georgia


21-23 August 2013

Trainer – Strengthening the capacities of national statistical system in carrying out the 2014 Population and Housing Census



17-20 June 2013

ENP-EAST Training Programme – Quality management in statistical agencies


24-28 September 2012

Professional Training – Development of Public Policies


22-26 October 2012

Professional Training – Management and development of programs/projects


26-30 November 2012

Professional Training – Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies


05-21 December 2012

Romanian Institute of Diplomacy/ Training course in diplomacy and international relations, Graduation Certificate nr. 2699/2012




Mother tongue(s) Romanian
Other language(s)                     UNDERSTANDING                        SPEAKING WRITING
   Listening               Reading     Spoken interaction    Spoken             production
English        C2                  C2                 C2          C2        C2
Russian        C2                  C2                 C2          C1        C2
                                    Replace with name of language certificate. Enter level if known.

Levels: A1/A2: Basic user - B1/B2: Independent user - C1/C2 Proficient user

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


Communication skills

good communication skills gained through my experience as interpret


Organizational / managerial skills

leadership skills (currently coordinating  the development and approval of strategic documents at the institution level and the consultation process with other public authorities)


Job-related skills

  good knowledge of organisation, planning and coordination of national statistical system;

  good knowledge of economic statistics (National Accounts, including Financial Account/Business Statistics);

  quality management and quality indicators


Digital competence SELF-ASSESSMENT
Information processing Communication Content creation Safety Problem solving
Basic user Independent user Basic user Basic user Basic user

Levels: Basic user  - Independent user  -  Proficient user

Digital competences - Self-assessment grid


Other skills

hand made jewelry


Driving licence





     Children of Kazakhstan  2016 (translation) under finalization (RU/ENG)

     Children of Moldova (translation)  RO/ENG

     Labour market in the Republic of Moldova. Employment and unemployment 2010 (translation) RO/ENG

     Measurement of Non-Observed Economy in the Republic of Moldova, 2003 (translation) RO/ENG

     Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Moldova, 2003, (translation) RO/ENG

     Information note on volunteer activity in the Republic of Moldova (translation)  RO/ENG


Honours and awards

Diploma of III degree, Government of the Republic of Moldova, nr. 1802-02243 from 19.10.2012



2016 –present     Member of Association of Professional Translators

Association of Professional Translators  , Oral/Written translations/interpreting RO/ENG/RU



  Andreas Blomquist

Senior Advisor

National Bureau of Statistics, Moldova

Chisinau, 106 Str Grenoble, MD 2019

Statistics Sweden - International Cooperation Office 

Phone: +373 224 031 59

Mobile: +373 609 752 89

  Jose Luis Cervera

DevStat – Statistical Consulting Services S.L.Consortium GFA-DevStat-AAM-Statistics Slovakia,

Spain (Headquarters)

Barón de Cárcer 26 – First floor

46001 Valencia

Phone: (+34) 960 590 080


Specializations: translation, consecutive, simultaneous
Languages: ro-ru, ro-en, ru-ro, ru-en, en-ro, en-ru

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MD: 132
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