Profile management guideline - The Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP)

O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Profile management guideline

Open the link

At the bottom of the page find Login to system and below it find Username and Password. Set your cursor in the Username field and enter your username. Then set your curson in the Password field and enter your password. Press the Authtntication button to access your page.

On the left upper side of the page you can select languages (Romanian, English, Russian).

Given below are the following buttons:

Home (main page, you can find an article about ATP’s 15th anniversary). 

Here you  read articles about us (mission, vision and values, the Assosiation objectives, administrative bodies, code of ethics, photo gallery, activities).

Here you  find articles about training (internal trainings, translation school).

Here you find infomation about members (list of active members, conditions for accession, frequently asked questions, members area).

Articles and publications

Contacts (telephone numbers, e-mail)

To make amendments to your profile find your name at the bottom of the page and click on it. 

Find your name and last name, your username, registration date, settings, personal information (CV), etc.

To make amendments press the Edit Profile button.

You can make the followin amendments to your profile:

Account data:  your name/last name, e-mail, password. 

To change your name/last name press the button with your name/last name, delete the data and insert it again. Make amendments to your email the same way. To change your password set cursor in a blank field set your cursor in the blank field, insert a proper password and confirm the password in the blank field below.

Personal details: profile photo, settings, personal information (CV).

Given below is the Specializations option where you can select the type of translation: written translation, consecutive translation, or simultaneous translation. Hereunder select a source language (the language you translate from) and a target language (the language you translate to). To save amendments press the button Save.

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