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Winter holidays celebrated by ATP Moldova

The ATP Board considered December 28th, the date after Christmas and before New Years, as the optimal time for ATP Moldova members’ gathering to celebrate winter holidays. The number of participants was as usual, about 15 people. It was not so bad taking into account that some of our colleagues went to the countryside to celebrate winter holidays with their families, and others were very busy with chores that are usual for this time of year.  

We believe that we succeeded the goal: we enjoyed our gathering and spent nice time together at the hotel Tourist. Galina Roșcăneanu and Nadejda Pojoga transformed a modest hall of the hotel into a place for celebration. They nicely decorated the hall with multicolored garlands and many quotes of wisdom were hung on the walls. They even found a small Christmas tree.

Natalia Conovca and  the undersigned Eleonora Rusnac took care of the spiritual aspect of the event. Thanks to them the participants could find spiritual sayings and quotes under the Christmas tree. Everyone was amazed by how precisely the quotes corresponded with certain aspects of their life. I got the following one: ”Talk to yourself as to  a friend and convince yourself of necessity to be one with God as soon as possible!”.
How important to refer to God more often in our daily life. 

Elizaveta Onofreiciuc got the following quote ”Get rid of things you don’t need…! Daily!!!  God …  is so close!” She said that the quote helped her to overcome sadness in her life and to enjoy every new day. 

The joint performance of Christmas carols uplifted even more the mood of the participants. How harmoniously they performed carols!!!

We were glad to have among us our new colleagues Natalia Sturza and Tatiana Maliovanaya and also enjoyed the presence of Marinei Kreajeva, who had not participated for a long time in events organised by the Association. Marina contributed to the celebration by telling us about wood goat, the zodiac sign of 2015. Her clothes and hairstyle fitted with the situation: she had on a nice white-silver dress  and a lot of reddish curls that were a delight to the eyes.

The kids of  Natalia Conovca brought us  lots of joy.  They told poems and actively participated in a carols performance. Regrettably, Santa Claus could not personally participate at our event, but sent us a lot of wonderful cards with thoughts and nice wishes. But we had a photographer, Ms. Aliona Artiomov. I invite you to enjoy pictures taken by her.

Eleonora Rusnac

President of ATP Moldova


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