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O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Gradually becoming more numerous and powerful

Every year brings with it baggage filled with spiritual and material values individually perceived by each of us. They are not gradually divided throughout the year. At the beginning of each year we do not exactly know what waits for us or what we expect, but once it is gone we are used to taking a little time to sit in front of an imaginary fireplace, watch the fire and reflect on things we did. We express our joy due to the fact that ATP has broadened its ranks.

We welcome with arms wide open Gloria Jigău, who enthusiastically engaged in aspects related to ATP’s image and the importance of communication with the world outside ATP; and Natalia Sturza and Tanyei Malevana, who brought their large valuable experience in translations. The team grows and also the heart when you see so many good people gathered together. Each new member of the Association contributes to its strength and resistance to difficulties, which it might confront in the future.  We will ensure that new members  feel  very welcome in a warm atmosphere created by the Association of Professional Translators in order to become good colleagues and friends and work together. We keep our doors open for the gifts and graces that will come in 2015. Happy New Year!

Natalia Conovca

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