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O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Celebrating International Translator's Day in 2015

This year the Council of Association chose the day of 3rd of October to mark the International Translator's day, which is usually celebrated annually on 30th of September, as they wished the event to fall on a weekend and to be outdoors.

Nature was on our side. After many cloudy, chilly and dull days the chosen Saturday was a sunny one, which automatically improved our mood and urged many of our colleagues to get out of the house.  It was nice and many of our colleagues treated this day as a family holiday,, bringingtheir children to this event.  Thus, we met the daughter of Mrs SandaIarincovschi, a very gentle young lady with multiple talents, among them the ability to dance. Likewise, the daughter of Elena Bivol who has grown up a lot and transformed in a young lady.  The daughter of Veaceslav is still small, but I think she already knows what translators, like her father do. She demonstrated this knowledge during a small skit, that she interpreted together with the daughter of Nadejda Pojoga.

This year the number of the guests present at the event dedicated to the International Day of Translator was higher. We have enjoyed the presence of Irina Didencu, Lilia Botnariuc, Alina  Abramovici and Valentina Prisecari - all of them affirmed translators on the translators market in the Republic of Moldova. Alina managed to take a series of wonderful photos during the event, and even a few short movies with various interesting moments, one of them being the friendship between a dog and a cat that were joining the event (you can ask for the short movie from our press officer). The presence of these ladies at the event is a testimony to the fact that they consider themselves professional translators and want to be a part of the family of translators.

As always, in the frame of events of this type, many stories about the activity of a professional translator were retold. In great majority the narrations had a touch of humor and described the most unusual cases from the working lives of a translator.  For instance, a client (details of the event were changed to protect confidentiality), at the end of a conference with simultaneous translation, addressed the translators and told them in a serious manner: "I, as an employer, fulfilled my responsibility - I paid you the sum of money, that you requested. You, on the over hand, were not fair to me. I observed that one of you was silent, while the other one was talking at the microphone, and we needed to carry out the translation in Russian language as well!"

It would seem that all the jokes about translators were known to everyone, but it is not true. A lot of new jokes were told about this profession!!!  Alexandra Dobreanschi - our recent colleague - in addition to the fact that she knows a lot of funny stories, has actress abilities, giving her jokes special charm. Many of the jokes were born as a result of computerized translation. We had a lot of fun listening to them. This way - 3 hours passed very quickly - full of jokes and snacks (brought by the attendees). Everybody understood how much we enjoy these socialization moments with the ones from the field in which we all work. Special thanks to Mrs.Cristina Umaneț and Mrs. Nadejda Pojoga for the organization of the event, but also to all the participants, who contributed to the succes of the event.

Eleonora Rusnac, president APT.

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