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O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Press release

Training for beginner translators and for those that want to improve their translator's abilities.

The Association of Professional Translators from Moldova launches Monday, 30th of November, the 6th edition of the School of Professional Translators. 

This year the team of lecturers proposes to carry out a change in the approach of teaching within the course.  For the first time in the frame of the School, except translator-members of the Association, invited lecturers will teach and will focus on topics related to the job of a translator, such as:  Diction, Translator as a Guide, the diversity of the jobs in translation, etc. 

Another aspect of the training from this year is the diversity of topics covered by translators-lecturers.  Among the new topics covered by the training are: 

  • The ethics of the interpreter and confidentiality principles in interpretation; overcoming difficult moments in the process of consecutive translation. 
  • Aspects working as a freelance translator:  Relationships with clients of the translation services; Elaboration of the translation offers. 
  • Switching from the written and consecutive translation to simultaneous translation with the specification of the following aspects:  Preparatory translation exercises with text distribution; Memory exercises without text distribution;

And another interesting aspect of the training from this year is related to the training of participants. It was a surprise for us the enrollment in the training of extremely young individuals, more exactly a a high school student from the 11th grade. Likewise important is the fact of participating in the course of some authorized translators, meaning - people already active on the translation market, that offer services to the institutions from the justice domain.   The conclusion for us - lecturers - is that we will have to adjust the training course in such a way that it will satisfy the expectations of all the participants. 

We wish us best of luck,

Eleonora Rusnac

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