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O abordare profesionistă a comunicării interumane

Review of results 6th Edition of the Professional Translator School

The School of Professional Translators finished its work for the period of 30November - 18 December 2015 with 27 persons participating. We will carry out below a review of results.

   Based on the evaluation of the last training course by the participants at the training, we can state open-heartedly that the course was finished successfully.  The majority of topics taught by the lecturers were rated by the participants as useful and applicable and the translators-lecturers were assessed with the highest marks. All the training participants mentioned that the skills obtained during the course will help them in their work. This fact makes us very happy because, this was one of the purposes of the School of Professional Translators. I believe it is worth mentioning the names of those who worked hard to carry out this training course, especially the lecturers Eleonora Rusnac, Elena Bivol, Tatiana Feisina, Natalia Conovca, Veaceslav Musteață, Elizaveta Onofreiciuc and Inesa Coman. The modest contribution of our colleagues Svetlana Chirița, Tatiana Durimanov and Maria Postevca ended up with a positive contribution to this training course.  Likewise it is worth mentioning the good organization of the logistics, carried out by our colleague Gloria Jigău.

It is interesting that at the training of the translators  many individuals wanted to improve and to "remain" in the field. The Association of Professional Translators from Modova supports these translators and is interested in them to joining the Association. As a result of participation at the last training course, 6 new members joined the Association:  Abramovici Alina, Pavlova Olga, Câinița Olga, Barbier Olga, Andriuță Xenia and David Elena. Congratulations to these young girls, that for sure will be noticed in the translation market. We believe that through this training, the School of Professional Translator contributed to the fulfilling of another purpose -  the promotion of the Association among translators.

In the press release published on several social networks before the beginning of the course we were talking about our intention to include several contributions of some invited lecturers and to cover several topics related to the job of translator. Largely this approach succeeded.  Ms. Nina Vartic, lecturer at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, managed successfully to attract the attention of the participants during the presentation ”Diction – clearness and expressiveness in talking - a professional condition”. Likewise,  was appreciated the presentation of Mr.Valentin Reabțov - translator at the Parliament of Republic of Moldova - The Experience of translating Russian-Romanian, where the distinguished specialist shared from his experiences gathered over the years.

In the Lessons Learned chapter, we state there would be many: the young participants suggested diversifying the topics of teaching materials could broaden to include not only the political domain, but also the social doman, economic domain,  etc; they told us that each speaker needs more time dedicated and they would wish the group to be smaller.  Another wish was that the training to be organized separately on languages and not for all languages together. We mentioned all these to demonstrate that participants had a realistic attitude and not only praised us in their assessments.

Likewise, we the people from Association drew some conclusions that will help us to improve the training in the future.  For instance, we understood the importance of choosing the right premises.  We saw that in addition to the knowledge transfer from the domain we need, as lecturers, to know various teaching techniques, that could improve the course substantially.  In this regard, the translators-lecturers could require training or exchange of experience with colleagues from other countries. We will have to find the sponsor, that could help the Association in this regard. 

These were several conclusions referring to the recent training course, carried out by the Association of Professional Translators from Moldova. We hope, still, that we largely justified the expectations of participants at this training and we covered a lot of their expectations, among which were: knowledge about the quality in translations; what is and how could we ensure the translation assisted by the computer (CAT tools), frequent errors in translation and how can we overcome, useful resources for translators, etc. 

We will appreciate any other suggestions or comments from the participants, but also other interested people in this event. You can contact us at 

Eleonora Rusnac

President APT Moldova

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